11:39 PM Eastern - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

President Obama came out swinging for us #default

4990485441_dab8dd24e0_o.jpgI was so pleased to see the presidential debate tonight. It was refreshing to see President Obama come out swinging when Mitt Romney attacked him. The president called him out on his lies and got his point across on healthcare and other things that matter to working women like myself.

President Obama made it clear he is far more in touch with working Americans than Mitt Romney. Romney promised more tax breaks for the rich and I disagree with that.

One of the important issues for me was about women's rights at work. President Obama has a real record: The first piece of legislation he signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act. Mitt Romney only gave vague answers with no real commitment to women's rights in the workplace.

But most important to me is health policy, and making sure Obamacare continues to protect my family and my patients. I work as a personal care assistant and knowing about the future of Medicare and Medicaid is important to me and the people I care for.

The biggest disappointment to me was that there weren't any questions directly about the Affordable Care Act or the huge cuts that Mitt Romney is threatening to Medicare and Medicaid.

But the part of the debate that was about healthcare issues was really important. President Obama forcefully defended Planned Parenthood and that means a lot to women.

I know that if Mitt Romney is successful in making cuts to Planned Parenthood, millions of women wouldn't have anywhere to go for a yearly checkup and other preventative care.

This debate showed me the difference between the two candidates. President Obama was on the side of working people like me, while Mitt Romney showed he cares more about the super rich.

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