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Working People Can't Afford to Gamble on a Candidate Willing to Say Anything #default

Last February, one of Romney's advisers infamously said that the campaign wasn't concerned about Mitt Romney's extreme, right-wing policy positions because, come the general election campaign, the former Massachusetts governor could "Etch-A-Sketch" away what he said during the primary.

Well, Romney put that disingenuous strategy on display Wednesday night as he brazenly distorted his own policy positions, proving once again that he doesn't have a plan for working people and moving America forward but is willing to say anything to win the presidency.

His Denver debate double talk leaves us wondering, "Which Mitt Romney will be on display next?"

  • The Mitt Romney who wrote off 47% of Americans as "entitled," and looking for government handouts or the Mitt Romney who during the debates said he cares about middle-income families?
  • The Mitt Romney who says he would wholly repeal Obamacare or the Mitt Romney who during the debate said he will keep in place popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act, such as making sure health insurance companies can't deny coverage to millions of people with pre-existing conditions.
  • The Mitt Romney who embraced his running mate Paul Ryan's drastic budget proposal, which guts domestic programs-including child care and early education, Pell grants, and other vital public services that benefit working people, or the Mitt Romney who during the debate said he will not cut education funding or college grants.
  • The Mitt Romney who says he will reduce tax rates 20 percent across the board, primarily benefitting wealthy people such as himself, or the Mitt Romney who during the debate claimed tax rates for the rich will stay the same by eliminating as yet unidentified deductions--an impossible feat according to independent economists.
  • The Mitt Romney who supports turning Medicaid into a block grant (disastrous for millions of elderly and disabled who rely on the program for nursing home care) and turning Medicare into a voucher program, or the Mitt Romney who during the debate claimed he understands middle-class concerns and wants to preserve Medicare.
  • The Mitt Romney who two days before the debate indicated he would continue President Obama's deferred action for DREAMers, or the Mitt Romney who, less than 24 hours later, said never mind he still supports "self-deportation" and clarified he would not grant deportation exemptions for young people brought to the United States as children.
  • The Mitt Romney who has kowtowed to the most extreme elements of his party on every issue important to working people (taxes, health care, reproductive rights, immigration, the environment, etc.) or the Mitt Romney who during the debate said an effective president has to be able to "reach across the aisle and fashion important legislation."

Mitt Romney's double talk proves only that he doesn't want the public to hold him accountable for his policy agenda that favors the 1% at the expense of the rest of us. But Americans know better. They understand that Mitt Romney is out of touch with working people and that his extreme proposals will benefit only the richest among us and take us back to the policy environment that wrecked our economy in the first place.

We need a president who will believe in and fight for a just society where all families and communities thrive, where everyone pays their fair share in taxes, and where we leave a better world for generations to come. President Obama remains the only candidate who has proven he will stand up for middle class and working people.

Now it's our turn to stand up and support him.

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