11:13 AM Eastern - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DREAMers Show Anti-Immigrant Leader the Exit Door #default

Attention Kris Kobach: It's time for you to exit stage right. It is time for you to pack up your nativist, anti-immigrant policies and lawsuits and follow your failed leader, Mitt Romney, out of the public spotlight.

That is the message delivered today in person to Kansas Secretary of State Kobach, the extremist politician, by DREAMers from Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Arizona in Kansas. Additional DREAMers and armies of immigrants rights advocates are echoing the message through social media to remind Kobach and his like-minded allies, that their hate-filled ideas, like "self-deportation" of immigrants and blocking the DREAM Act for deserving children are burned out.

Just ask Mitt Romney, the vanquished GOP presidential candidate who relied on Kobach's advice and got slammed down by Latino voters in the election. Romney proved to be a believer in Kobach's anti-immigrant philosophy when he told his rich donors after the election that Latinos - the fastest growing segment of the electorate - voted for President Obama's re-election because he promised them "gifts" such as "amnesty" to the DREAMers.

Even conservatives who endorsed Romney and blocked comprehensive immigration reform now realize that Republicans dug themselves into a hole too deep to crawl out of with Latino voters and are now turning their backs on Romney and Kobach's policies.

As Romney is exiled, Kobach should follow him out the door.

Among the demands of the DREAMers to Kobach:

  • Drop his lawsuit aimed blocking President Obama's "deferred action" for DREAMers - called "DACA" -- which protects deserving youths from deportation;

  • Quit wasting taxpayers' dollars in states that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs to defend Kobach-authored racial profiling laws;

  • Resign. Kobach, with approval ratings in the 30s in his home state, has lost support in his home state for his anti-immigrant crusade across the country.

To support the DREAMers, call (866) 877-5529 and tell Kobach to drop his lawsuit against the DREAMers. Or deliver your message on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtags #Kobach #immigration.

Hasta la vista, Mr. Kobach.

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