12:01 PM Eastern - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Four Pennsylvania Generations Against Cuts #default

SEIU-Member-Amy_walker.jpgAmy Walker will let Pennsylvania's Representatives and Senators know today that her mother, four daughters and granddaughter can't afford cuts to Medicaid, Social Security and Head Start.

Amy is a member from SEIU 32BJ. She works in the food service industry in Pittsburgh and has never spoken to a member of Congress before today. But she's ready to let her Congressional leaders know just how devastating the cuts to Medicaid and Social Security would be to her loved ones.

Her mother's kidneys stopped functioning three years ago. Since then, she has to have dialysis treatments three times a week. Her medical condition has also made it impossible for her to continue working as a childcare worker. Medicaid and Social Security have allowed Amy's mom to keep her promises to the children she adopted.

Cuts to Social Security would put Amy's mom and siblings at risk of losing their home. Cuts to Medicaid could result in an early death for her mom and leave her siblings without a caregiver.

Amy's young daughter and granddaughter will need Head Start to make sure that their futures are secure. Without Head Start, Amy's daughter will not be able to study and work because she would lack the child care she depends on. And Amy's granddaughter would miss out on the necessary academic and social skills' gains that are the product of a quality early childhood education.

Amy and her mom have worked hard for decades to improve their family's opportunities. They want Congress to focus on creating jobs, not cuts. Four generations in her family need Congress to act responsibly and honor the mandate that voters made clear in November.

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