12:11 PM Eastern - Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Time For Romney To Disclose His Investments #default

Romney-sheepish-300px.jpgWith the presidential election less than a week away, it's time for Governor Romney to come clean about the companies he is investing in. Over the past few weeks, several stories about Romney's investments in companies that outsource American jobs to China have come to light--and it's time for the American people to learn the truth.

SEIU has been joined today by the UAW and several good government groups (including Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, Public Citizen, Public Campaign, and People for the American Way) in writing a complaint letter to the Office of Government Ethics urging them to investigate Gov. Romney's noncompliance with the Ethics in Government Act. Mitt Romney should immediately disclose his stock holdings or divest them.

Stories of companies like Sensata and Global Tech have been over the news, describing how American jobs are systematically outsourced to China in order to increase the profits of Mitt Romney and other private investors. This week, a great piece of investigative journalism by Greg Palast has been published by The Nation describing how Romney's family hugely benefited by the auto bailout. (Read the story here)

It is time for the Presidential candidate to come clean with the American people and stop hiding the evidence of what a Romney Economy would mean for this country.

For further details on the letter to the Office of Government Ethics and a press conference scheduled today in Ohio, read coverage on Huffington Post, DailyKos and USA Today.

UPDATE: Tom Woodruff, SEIU Executive VP wrote an opinion piece about this.

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