3:29 PM Eastern - Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mary Kay Henry: We Must Keep Working to Make Sure Our Best Interests Will Not be Compromised #default

On C-SPAN's Newsmakers Sunday, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry made it clear that SEIU members will fight right-wing efforts to hold working people's interests hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy:

"Our current position is there is no reason to entertain any question about cuts to vital programs because there is no indication that will break the logjam. If we can begin to have a conversation about revenue in this country, then let's prioritize how we get people back to work."

During the half-hour segment, host Greta Brawner and reporters Nancy Cook and Heidi Przybyla asked Henry about what's at stake for working people as lawmakers discuss solutions to the fiscal cliff. Henry said Americans on Nov. 6 voted to rebuild the middle class, to invest in good jobs, and to protect vital services, but we're now in our second campaign to make sure Congress heeds the will of voters.

Working with community groups and in coordination with the White House, SEIU members will continue to lobby, protest and push a mandate that moves America forward. Since the Election, workers around the country have insisted on a fair economy that works for all Americans. The Black Friday actions by Wal-Mart workers and actions by LAX workers demonstrate that working people are going to keep advocating for their voices to be heard.

Our work on Capitol Hill and in communities across the country all tie to the union's underlying goal to make income inequality the No. 1 problem the nation has to solve.
We must keep fighting for fair wages and benefits. We must keep fighting to put more people back to work by fixing dilapidated roads, bridges, and other public infrastructure. We must keep fighting to protect vital services that employ firefighters, head-start teachers, nurses, and many other workers. We must keep fighting to reject the Republican's plan to balance the budget on the backs of children, seniors.

As President Henry said on Sunday, our current campaign is about how we make our country a better place to live for all Americans.

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