7:01 PM Eastern - Thursday, December 6, 2012

Right-to-Work is Wrong for Michigan #default

MI_RTW_Capital.jpgEarlier today, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Senator Majority Leader Randy Richardville and Speaker of the House Jase Bolger announced that the Michigan Legislature would move forward with so-called right-to-work legislation, which if passed, would eliminate good-paying jobs and limit access to benefits like education and healthcare for hardworking Michigan families.

Following their announcement, Working Michigan, a broad coalition of faith, labor and community organizations issued the following statement:

"It seems that Snyder, Richardville and Bolger believe that decorating legislation with the phrase 'workplace freedom' and stating their alleged support of collective bargaining that Michiganders will understand this legislation to be a good thing for Michigan. But we will not be fooled."

Governor Snyder also confirmed his intent to sign "Right to Work" legislation just before the Michigan House of Representatives passed the bill with a vote of 58 - 52. Though Snyder may claim this issue is about fairness and equality in the workplace, numerous studies have has demonstrated the devastating effects of this sort of legislation: workers in 'right-to-work' states make $1,500 less per year, meanwhile the growth rate for 'right-to-work' states is consistently higher before the legislation passes than after.

Despite these legislative setbacks, hundreds of labor activists and allies came out to the state Capitol to protest H.B. 4054. Demonstrators poured into the Capitol building early chanted phrases like, "Hey hey, ho ho, Right to Work has got to go!"

Tuesday, December 11, could be the day Right-to-Work becomes law. We can't allow Governor Snyder to place the future of Michigan families in the hands of greedy corporate CEOs like the Koch Brothers and politician and Amway heir, Dick DeVos. Help us turn up the pressure on Michigan legislators by signing up to make a call to Governor Snyder and other representatives early next week.

All working families deserve a shot at having a good life. It's time that our elected officials put the interests of working families before the interests of wealthy CEOs.

Pledge here to call, and we'll send you a reminder with instructions.

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