9:10 AM Eastern - Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fiscal showdown: Will Congress be naughty or nice? #default


Our fight for the 99% isn't taking time off for the holidays -- it's too important. Today, thousands of activists will be on Capitol Hill to make sure Congress hears our demands for economic fairness.

Please add your voice to the chorus. Click here to write a letter to your U.S. Representative.

It's a tune we're all too familiar with: As our country watches the ticking clock of the "fiscal cliff," vital social safety net services like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are at risk.

Cutting healthcare and other vital services millions of Americans depend on would be bad for the economy and hurt families that are already struggling to make ends meet. Congress needs to ensure the rich pay their fair share while they focus on shrinking the economic inequality gap and protecting the vital services working families depend on.

In November, we voted for an America that invests in its workers, not one that continues to favor the 1%. Still, Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans are refusing to help the middle class and showing their loyalty to the rich and wealthy corporations...unless the rich are given a tax cut they don't need.

Please take a moment to write your member of Congress to tell him or her to protect Medicare, Medicaid and other services working people depend on.

As activists and union members carry their message to Capitol Hill today, you can follow the action live on Twitter using hashtag #D18.

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