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A bully for a boss? #default


PHOTO: May Workers stood up for a real voice on the job and were met with intimidation and threats: SEIU Local 509

Last year, I had the opportunity to meet with Angelita, Oraka, Yudelka and Nick. These four brave individuals all work as direct care professionals supporting children and adults living with autism and other developmental disabilities at the May Institute in Massachusetts.

They shared with me that many of their co-workers lacked access to adequate benefits and pay and had no real voice on the job despite their hard work and dedication to their clients. They decided to join together to build a union in their workplace to stand up for good jobs and better working conditions, but their efforts were met with an unprecedented intimidation campaign that included threats to fire pro-union workers. They were illegally forced to not talk about organizing a union at work.

Not much has changed since last year and management followed up on their threat and illegally fired pro-union workers.

You can send a letter to May Institute President and CEO Lauren Solotar urging her to reinstate the positions of workers who were terminated for standing up for their right to form a union.

To date, the May Institute has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on union-busting consultants to ensure that their employees will remain voiceless on the job - ill-spent resources that could have vastly improved programming for clients and working conditions for workers like Angelita, Oraka, Yudelka and Nick. May Institute executives like CEO Lauren Solotar have lied to and bullied May Institute workers for far too long.

We're calling on May Institute CEO Lauren Solotar to stop being a bully and reinstate the employees who were terminated simply for speaking out in the workplace about their right to organize a union. Click here to send a letter to Laurent Solotar now!

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