7:08 PM Eastern - Monday, January 28, 2013

We all agree: The Time is Now for commonsense immigration reform #default

CampaignWin.jpgThis morning, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry held a press conference with other labor, Latino and civil rights leaders to call on our government to fix our broken immigration system.

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What we really need now is immigration reform that fits with our national values. We need a system that builds the strength and unity of working people, keeps families together and provides a clear roadmap to citizenship for hardworking, taxpaying immigrants. These are basic values that SEIU stands behind -- we are fighting for an America that treats all people with justice, dignity and equality.

President Obama is scheduled to outline his own immigration proposal tomorrow in Las Vegas, and we expect him to have a lot of the same ideas we do. A majority of voters -- 77 percent -- want a full package of immigration reforms, including a clear roadmap to citizenship.

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