1:40 PM Eastern - Friday, February 1, 2013

Make sure Congress hears us loud and clear #default

Mybudgetscreenshot.jpgEarlier this week, Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray announced the launch of MyBudget, the committee's latest effort to involve the public in the federal budget process as impending sequester cuts to vital public services are set to take place on March 1st.

Murray stated "the federal budget is where we lay out our values, our priorities, and our vision for what our government should look like now and in the future. So I believe that it is absolutely critical that the ideas and perspectives of families across America are heard loud and clear in a budget process that belongs to them, but is too often limited to politicians and bureaucrats."

We couldn't agree more.

Over the past few months, SEIU Members from across the nation have shared their own stories about the value that vital public services like education, early learning, child care, head start, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security add to our communities and the fabric of our nation. Watch one SEIU member's story here.

Congress must take bold steps to reduce the impact that sequestration will have on children, middle class families and our seniors.

Add your voice and make sure Congress hears us loud and clear. Click here to share your personal story on how sequester cuts to vital public services would impact you and your family.

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