Simpson-Bowles II: A Non-Starter

Simpson-Bowles II: A Non-Starter

Published 9:19 AM Eastern - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tyler Prell, 202-730-7278

WASHINGTON, DC - After Senator Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles released a new budget deficit proposal, Mary Kay Henry, President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), issued the following statement:

"The new Simpson-Bowles proposal is the wrong approach to reducing the budget deficit and continuing our economic recovery. Its drastic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are the same radical changes that voters rejected last year. It also largely protects tax breaks for big business and fails to create a single job. America needs more jobs, not a rehashing of old ideas that will eliminate them. We urge Congress to work together to strengthen vital services, not allow them to be undermined to appease corporate interests."


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