Spanish Language Media Campaign Launched for Commonsense Immigration Reform

Published 11:30 AM Eastern - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Message to Congress: "The power to make a difference is ours."

Listen to the ad:

WASHINGTON, DC - A new national Spanish language radio ad is sending a message to
Congress that the critical voices of Latinos who delivered a mandate for commonsense
immigration reform in the November, 2012 election will continue to be heard as the legislative debate begins.

The $250,000 ad, "The Power," runs today through Sunday -- during the congressional recess -- in media markets across the U.S. This first ad by Service Employees International Union (SEIU), in partnership with Alliance For Citizenship coalition partners, marks the start of a multi-week, multi-pronged media and field campaign to win congressional enactment of commonsense immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.

The Alliance For Citizenship, which includes a broad group of immigration reform advocates including SEIU, will combine forces during the next several months -- on the ground and on the air -- for a package of immigration reforms that are important to workers and the Latino community. The campaign will include events and rallies in the congressional districts and in Washington, phone calls to lawmakers, and grassroots lobbying.

The radio ad acknowledges bipartisan efforts in Congress to develop immigration legislation. "But there are some in Congress who reject this bipartisan proposal. They want to deny millions of hardworking Latinos a path to citizenship, keeping millions of Latino families in a state of uncertainty...But the power to make a difference is ours," the ad states.

"Members of Congress need to remember that Latinos and immigrants are the ones who
delivered the mandate for commonsense immigration reform," said SEIU International
Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina.

"We expect Congress to work together and deliver a bill that includes a clear and direct path to citizenship, without any roadblocks or unreasonable waiting periods that are designed to delay and deny citizenship," Medina said, referring to opposition by immigration restrictionists in Congress to an earned path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants in the country without papers."Latinos did not go to the polls expecting that our 'abuelitas' -- our grandmothers -- other family members and coworkers would be relegated to second-class status," Medina said.

"As the ad says, members of Congress heard our voices in November and they are going to keep hearing from us until the pass fair, commonsense immigration reform. And if they don't, we will make sure that voters in 2014 know who championed reforms and who stood in the way."

Text "Now" or "Ahora" to 787753 for more information.


ANNOUNCER: Last November, Washington understood the growing power of Latino voters.

We registered, we voted, we made a difference. And leaders from both Parties pledged to create common-sense immigration reform with a fair, reasonable and timely path to citizenship. 

Now, members of Congress are working together, developing bipartisan plans for immigration reform.

But there are some in Congress who reject this bipartisan proposal. They want to deny millions of hardworking Latinos a path to citizenship, keeping millions of Latino families in a state of uncertainty about whether they might still be separated...

But the power to make a difference is ours.

They heard our voice in November - they'll hear it again today.

Call 1-877-848-8289, and tell Congress to pass immigration reform that includes a fair path to citizenship.

VO: Paid for by SEIU COPE.


ANNOUNCER: En Noviembre, Washington entendió el creciente poder de los votantes Latinos.

Nos registramos, votamos, hicimos la diferencia. Y los líderes de ambos Partidos se comprometieron a trabajar en una reforma migratoria de sentido común con un Camino a la Ciudadania justo y razonable.

Ahora, los miembros del Congreso están trabajando juntos, desarrollando planes bipartidistas para la reforma migratoria.

Pero hay algunos en el Congreso que rechazan esta propuesta bi-partidista. Quieren negar a millones de trabajadores Latinos un Camino a la Ciudadanía, y mantener a miles de familias Latinas con la incertidumbre de que puedan ser separadas...

Pero el poder de marcar la diferencia es nuestra.

En noviembre, se oyó nuestra voz. HOY - la van escuchar de nuevo.

Llame al 1-877-848-8289, y dígale al Congreso que apruebe una reforma migratoria que incluya un camino justo a la ciudadanía.

VO: Pagado por SEIU COPE.

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