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SEIU and Immigration Advocates Mobilizing During March Recess #default

MKHatRally Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 5.19.33 PM.pngOver the course of the March Congressional recess and leading up to the massive rally in Washington, DC on April 10th, SEIU local unions and allies are hosting more than 50 events across the country pounding the drumbeat for commonsense immigration reform.

SEIU, Mi Familia Vota and allies with the Alliance for Citizenship are also mobilizing to turnout activists to Member of Congress hosted town hall meetings in their home districts. Advocates for reform are turning out in large numbers, asking questions and showing support for Members of Congress to continue the momentum toward making commonsense immigration reform a reality.

See a snapshot of events that have taken place since last Friday after the jump.

March recess event highlights since Friday, March 22:

  • At a town hall meeting in Arizona hosted by Senator John McCain, 75% of the room was comprised of attendees in support of reform. Media coverage can be found on AZ Central and AZ Family.

    At one point supporters held up signs that said "Thank you," to Senator McCain, after which he posed for a photo with the advocates.

  • SEIU Local 105 and Mi Familia Vota in Colorado participated in the Center for Community Change's "Keeping Families Together" bus tour launch. It kicked off with a rally as it started its tour across the state. Coverage of the event can be found in the Denver Post, Univision and the Longmont Times. SEIU Local 105 member, Claudia Esquivel was interviewed for the story on Univision.

  • SEIU members from the mid-Atlantic region attended a rally in Washington, DC on March 20 highlighting support among the African American community for commonsense immigration reform. Coverage of the rally can be read on the Washington Post. Following the rally, SEIU EVP Gerry Hudson wrote about why immigration reform is as much a priority for black citizens and immigrants as it is for the Latino community at the Huffington Post.

  • SEIU Local 1 and allies in Chicago delivered over 300 petitions in support of reform to Representative Dan Lipinski, Mi Familia Vota, SEIU and allies hosted a press conference in Phoenix in support of reform and Michigan SEIU locals participated in a statewide immigration convention in support of commonsense reform. In Ohio, SEIU locals joined partners in the faith community for an event in Columbus.

  • Last week, SEIU 32BJ participated in an economic panel on the benefits of immigrants in Long Island, New York. News coverage can be found here.

  • SEIU locals in Texas participated in delivering over 11,000 petitions in support of reform to Senator Cornyn.

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