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SEIU Immigrant Justice Campaign Update #default

reform.jpgSEIU Launches Urban Radio Ad

On April 4th, SEIU launched a national urban radio ad, "It's Time" urging members of Congress to pass immigration reform for good. The ad comes out today, on the 45th commemoration of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and will run through April 10 across the country. This is the first national urban radio ad in a series from SEIU in ongoing efforts to organize for commonsense immigration reform with a road map to citizenship.

Last week SEIU launched a national cable television ad on America's most watched cable news networks. Watch it here.

Victory in Oregon!

In a huge victory for Portland activists, including FFE's We Are Oregon, a county sheriff reversed his position and said he will no longer hold undocumented immigrants in detention if they are suspected of or report minor crimes. Also in Oregon, SEIU Locals supported the successful efforts to pass tuition equity. The bill was signed into law this week, further carrying the narrative for reform in state.

• Read more about sheriff's reversal here.
• Read more about the tuition legislation here.

SEIU Members and Allies are Gearing Up For April 10 Rally in Washington D.C.

Leading up to the rally in DC on April 10th, SEIU Locals and allies will host over 50 events across the country. Events over the weekend of April 6th will include rallies, canvass activities, voter registration events, phone banking calls to Congress and other civic engagement events in places like Boston, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and many more.

Many of these events are expected to draw thousands. The event currently being planned in New Jersey event will include Senator Menendez, Congressman Pallone, Newark Mayor Corey Booker and SEIU 32BJ President Hector Figueroa.

SEIU Members, Allies Represent at Town-Halls During Congressional March Recess

From California to New York, SEIU members and allies are turning out in large numbers to in-district town-halls during this March Congressional recess, showing support for MOCs who support commonsense immigration, and asking those who do not to stand for immigrant justice.

Below is a snapshot of town-halls attended by SEIU member and allies since Friday March 29, 2013.

• SEIU-USWW members participated in the town-hall sponsored by Representative Barbara Lee in California. SEIU-USWW also showed out in force at Representative Ed Royce's town hall on April 1st.

• On March 28th Mi Familia Vota activists and allies attended a town-hall hosted by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake in Prescott, Arizona.

• Mi Familia Vota activists attended a town-hall sponsored by Representative Steven Horsford in Las Vegas, Nevada.

• SEIU 32BJ members attended a meeting with Senator Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania.

• Mi Familia Vota activists and SEIU members attended a meeting with Representative Randy Weber in Texas.

• Hundreds of SEIU members and Mi Familia Vota activists turned out to Representative Jeff Denham's town-hall in Modesto, California and also represented at town halls sponsored by Representative McClintock.

• SEIU 32BJ members in New York were in the house when Representatives Joe Crowley and Grace Meng held town-halls this week.

• SEIU members joined allies from Gamaliel-member organization Transforming Action for Power (TAP) in Indiana at a congressional delegation event on March 28.

• In Washington D.C., SEIU leaders met with Senator Patty Murray of Washington state.

• Since the beginning of February, SEIU elected leaders and members have participated in more than 150 in-district meetings with Members of Congress or their staff.

Across the Country, SEIU Members Are Joining Allies in Call for Reform

Below is a snapshot of field activities that have taken place since Thursday, March 28, 2013.


• SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry marched with SEIU members and allies as part of state wide events honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez on March 30, 2013. Read press coverage here.
• SEIU USWW members in Oakland participated at an action at a detention center on Friday March 29.


• SEIU Local 105 and Mi Familia Vota in Colorado participated in events in Representative Mike Coffman's district on Saturday March 30th.


• SEIU Local 21LA participated in a solidarity press conference hosted by the Congress of Day Laborers where they hand delivered petitions in support of reform to Senator Landrieu's office urging support for a pathway to citizenship.


• SEIU Locals in Minnesota participated in several Cesar Chavez events with stops in the district offices of Representatives Michelle Bachmann, Keith Ellison, and Collin Peterson.


• Mi Familia Vota hosted a citizenship fair on Thursday in Reno, and then participated in a Concienda Cesar Chavez Health Fair in Las Vegas on last Saturday.

• Mi Familia Vota led the Latino Leadership Council's effort to pass a resolution calling on Congress to pass commonsense immigration reform at the Clark County Commission. This is the first such resolution from a Nevada government entity and was passed unanimously.

• Mi Familia Vota also spearheaded the Latino Lobby Day which took place today in Carson City. Participants urged their elected officials to support the resolution calling on Congress to act on commonsense immigration reform and the driver's license/privilege cards bill. The Nevada state legislative resolution passed unanimously out of the State Senate today. Additionally, participants attended the speaking engagement of Representative  Joe Heck who spoke to Nevada legislators at the Capitol.

New York

• In Long Island City, SEIU 32BJ members participated in an Asian Pacific American Community town hall on immigration reform. Also in Long Island, SEIU members are participating in a small business forum on the topic of immigration.

New Jersey

• SEIU 32BJ participated in a press conference with the Main Street Alliance. New Jersey Locals also participated in a press conference with Representative Donald Payne and several faith leaders to draw attention to the issue and build momentum to the massive rally planned on April 6th. Read more here.


• After plans for a convergence on the Mt. Lebanon office of Rep Tim Murphy, SEIU 32BJ and allies from the Interfaith Impact Network and One Pittsburgh received notice that the Representative had agreed to meet with them and further the dialogue on immigration reform.


• Washington SEIU Locals, along with One America, cosponsored a webinar for progressive allies on how they can be engaged and active members of the immigration reform fight locally.

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