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Workers can still be fired for being gay. Congress needs to pass ENDA. #default

whichphotoweb-1.jpgThis is simply outrageous: In the United States in 2013, it's still legal for an employer to fire someone for being gay in 29 states.

Last week, a bipartisan group in Congress took steps to change this. They introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, which would make it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

No worker should face bias because of who they are or who they love.

Show your legislators you support this commonsense legislation by being a Citizen Cosponsor of ENDA. Click here.

ENDA is a commonsense adjustment to federal laws that already exist. It's already illegal in the United States to discriminate against an employee based on religion, race, gender, national origin or disability. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers should have the same workplace protections.

Although ENDA has been introduced 19 times in Congress, it hasn't been voted on in the Senate since 1996. Because representatives and senators on both sides of the aisle have shown their support this time, 2013 could finally be the year for ENDA. Most voters agree it's time to change the law too -- 73 percent of Americans think gay and transgender workers should be legally protected from workplace discrimination, according to a Center for American Progress poll.

Our LGBT friends, family members and coworkers deserve better. Please be a Citizen Cosponsor of ENDA to support these workplace protections.

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