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73% of Americans are rooting for the Senate's bipartisan immigration reform plan #default

CIRnow-crowd.jpgWhile a few legislators in Congress and political pundits would like to thwart the progress of a commonsense immigration bill, the momentum for immigration reform continues.

A new poll conducted by Hart Research Associates to assess public reaction to the "Gang of Eight" bipartisan immigration reform plan (S. 744) introduced in the Senate finds that a solid majority of Americans - including 61% of surveyed Republicans - favor the Senate's bipartisan immigration approach. The national survey was conducted among 804 voters from April 24th to 28th.

Similarly to recent polls done by NY Times/CBS and Americans For Tax Reform, today's findings reiterate that an overwhelming majority of voters not only demand that Congress stop playing political games and pass immigration reform legislation immediately, but are also willing to support pro-reform candidates at the ballot box by a margin of two to one.

Immigration poll topline findings

  • By four to one (73% to 17%), Americans favor the bipartisan immigration reform plan recently introduced in the Senate.
  • 90% of polled Americans feel Congress must take action now to fix our broken immigration system.
  • By nearly two to one, voters today say that immigration is strengthening rather than weakening the U.S.
  • The more Americans know, the greater the support: Among those initially undecided about immigration reform, providing information about the plan substantially increased support for it - 74% support the plan once it is described - versus just 11% opposed.

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"Members of Congress who still wish to ride against the current for commonsense immigration reform should think twice. In fact, they only really have to think once and avoid putting their political future at stake by supporting a fair and comprehensive immigration bill--now, that's good politics," said Eliseo Medina following the release of the poll findings.

View our memo and poll toplines for more details on the poll.

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