SEIU Announces New Spanish-Language Radio Ad for Immigration Reform

SEIU Announces New Spanish-Language Radio Ad for Immigration Reform

Published 11:20 AM Eastern - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beatriz Lopez,, 202-412-7396

Ads to run in key Latino vote states

Listen to the ad:

WASHINGTON, DC - As part of a targeted, multi-pronged media, legislative and field campaign to pass commonsense immigration reform, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today announced the launch of a new Spanish-language radio ad to run in key Latino vote states with Senators who are crucial to consideration of the bipartisan immigration bill.

The radio ad is part of the latest seven-figure television advertising campaign in SEIU's multi-million dollar campaign for immigration reform. Beginning on Friday, the Spanish-language radio ad will alert listeners to the current developments in Congress, urging them to call their members of Congress to move forward and pass immigration legislation with a roadmap to citizenship.

"The Latino community has come this far since November, and now we are at a critical moment in the immigration debate when we cannot drop our guard," stated Eliseo Medina, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer. "This ad demonstrates the urgent need to continue to pressure members of Congress who are straddling a fine line between heeding the Latino call for real and sensible immigration reform or jeopardizing their political fate."

Listen to the ad:


ANNOUNCER: This is a critical announcement for our community about immigration reform...

Right now, the Senate is deciding the future of our community through immigration reform.

We do have broad support. But there are some who still oppose common-sense immigration reform - and THAT threatens the future of our families and children.

We have to win on immigration reform. But we cannot win if we're not in the game. This fight is not over.

We have to stay active, stay involved, and make our voice heard again - like it was last November.

Call 1-877-848-8289 now, and tell your Senator to fight for our interests and our dreams.

The time for immigration reform... is NOW. Call 1-877-848-8289.

VO: Paid for by SEIU COPE,, which is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.



Este es un anuncio crítico sobre la reforma migratoria para nuestra comunidad. En este momento, el Senado está decidiendo el futuro de nuestra comunidad por medio de una reforma migratoria.

Tenemos apoyo extenso. Pero hay algunos que aún se oponen a la reforma migratoria de sentido común - y ESO amenaza el futuro de nuestras familias e hijos.

Tenemos que ganar en la reforma migratoria. Pero no podemos hacerlo si no ESTAMOS participando. Esta lucha NO HA terminado.

Tenemos que mantenernos activo, seguir participando, y hacer que nuestra voz se oiga de nuevo - como lo fue en el Noviembre pasado.

Llame ahora al 1-877-848-8289, y dígale a su Senador que luche por nuestros intereses y sueños.

El momento para la reforma migratoria... es AHORA. Llame al 1-877-848-8289.

VO: Pagado por SEIU COPE,, que es responsable por el contenido de este anuncio. No está autorizado por ningún candidato ni comité de candidato.


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