SEIU Launches Seven-Figure Ad Buy in Support of Immigration Reform

Published 9:14 AM Eastern - Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tyler Prell, 202-730-7278; Beatriz Lopez, 202-412-7396

Ads to Run on National Cable Networks

WASHINGTON, DC - The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today launched a seven-figure national advertising campaign that will run five different commercials in rotation on national cable networks. This ad buy is the latest action in SEIU's multi-million dollar campaign in support of commonsense immigration reform.

The ad buy begins today and will run through the end of June, a key time in the Senate debate on the bipartisan immigration bill. The five different television ads feature law enforcement officials, small business owners, veterans, DREAMers, and Republican voters who explain why they support commonsense immigration reform and call on the Senate to act.

"We're seeing a growing consensus across the country that we need to get immigration reform done and get it done now," said Mary Kay Henry, SEIU International President. "These ads show the breadth of support for commonsense immigration reform and highlight the diverse voices that are integral to moving this debate forward."

The television ads can be viewed here.


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