SEIU Ads Call on Ten House Republicans to Support Commonsense Immigration Reform

Published 1:22 PM Eastern - Monday, July 8, 2013

Beatriz Lopez, 202-412-7396,

New Spanish-language radio ads will run in 12 congressional districts, urging House leadership to reject the extremists in their party and pass reform with a roadmap to citizenship

Listen to the ads:

WASHINGTON, DC - On the heels of a bipartisan immigration bill passing overwhelmingly through the Senate and in anticipation of a House Republican gathering to discuss immigration reform, this week the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) continued its multi-pronged media, legislative and field campaign to win commonsense immigration reform with the launch of new Spanish-language radio ads, focused on 10 key House Republicans in districts with significant Latino voter populations to act in support of smart and fair immigration legislation with a roadmap to citizenship.

As part of SEIU's multi-million dollar campaign for immigration reform, the $200,000 radio ad buy, "Where Do You Stand," will run in the congressional districts of Representatives Jeff Denham (CA-10), David Valadao (CA-21), Gary Miller (CA-31), Howard McKeon (CA-25), Scott Tipton (CO-03), Mike Coffman (CO-06), Daniel Webster (FL-10), Joe Heck (NV-03), Mark Amodei (NV-02) and Randy Weber (TX-14).

Each of the Spanish-language radio ads calls on these members of Congress, respectively, to "reject the extremists in his party and support immigration reform with a path to citizenship." The ads showcase the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Congressmen Paul Broun of Georgia and Randy Weber of Texas.

An additional Spanish-language radio ad will also be airing in both Representatives Ted Poe (TX-02) and Pete Olson's (TX-22) districts. All the ads will air for the remainder of the week.

"This ad campaign isn't just about these House Republicans whose leadership can fulfill the hopes of their constituents, including millions of aspiring Americans," stated Eliseo Medina, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer. "This is also about sending a clear message to the GOP: you can't, and the American public certainly won't allow you to, ignore the mainstream call for commonsense immigration reform."

Adding, "A bipartisan agreement on immigration reform is possible, and these House members have an opportunity to lead their party into the broadest movement for a 21st century immigration system. The American public--Latinos, Asian and African Americans, business, and the faith community--want our nation's aspiring Americans to walk the road to citizenship. Republican leadership in the House can't go radio silent; they have a duty to bring their party together and respond with a smart and sensible solution that doesn't leave the centerpiece of immigration reform behind. The GOP's credibility is in their hands."

Listen to the ads:

Sample Script (running in Rep. Jeff Denham's district):

The debate over Immigration Reform has reached its deciding moment.

Members of Congress from both parties are coming together to create an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.

However, there remain extreme members of the Republican Party who continue to express harmful statements about immigrants, stigmatizing them as "criminals" and "takers"

CONGRESSMAN PAUL BROUN (:05) "These illegal aliens are criminals and we need to treat them as such."

CONGRESSMAN RANDY WEBER (:02) "You don't get to come over here and be takers."

This is offensive and an insult to our community.

Fortunately, on the other side are true patriots -business owners, religious leaders and elected officials from both parties - who have declared themselves firmly in support of immigration reform.

Where does Representative Denham stand? Call him at 877-848-8289 and tell him to reject the extremists in his party and support immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

En Español:

El debate sobre la reforma migratoria ha llegado a su momento decisivo.

Miembros del Congreso de ambos partidos se han unido para crear una reforma migratoria que incluye un camino a la ciudadanía.

Sin embargo, quedan unos miembros extremistas del partido republicano que continúan haciendo declaraciones dañinas sobre los inmigrantes, tildándolos de "criminales" y "aprovechadores."

CONGRESSMAN PAUL BROUN (:05) "These illegal aliens are criminals and we need to treat them as such."


"You don't get to come over here and be takers."

Esto es ofensivo y un insulto a nuestra comunidad.

Afortunadamente, por otro lado hay verdaderos patriotas -- empresarios, líderes religiosos y oficiales electos de ambos partidos -- quienes se han declarado fuertemente a favor de la reforma migratoria.

¿Y cuál es la postura del Congresista Denham? Llámelo al 877-848-8289 y dígale que rechaze a los extremistas de su partido y que apoye a la reforma migratoria con un camino a la ciudadanía.

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