SEIU Immigration Ads Up Pressure on Vulnerable House Republicans

SEIU Immigration Ads Up Pressure on Vulnerable House Republicans

Published 10:08 AM Eastern - Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tyler Prell, 202-701-5796

TV Ad Campaign In Seven Districts, DC Urges House GOP Members to Stop Talking, Start Acting on Commonsense Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON, DC - The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) today launched television ads in seven swing congressional districts and the Washington, DC market that challenge vulnerable House GOP members and Speaker Boehner to stop talking and take action on commonsense immigration reform.

"Our message to these House Republicans is clear," said SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz. "Enough talk - it is time for action. If Republican members support commonsense immigration reform, they must tell Speaker Boehner that that time is now to bring a bill to the floor for a vote that includes a pathway to citizenship."

The cable and broadcast television ads will run starting today in the districts of GOP Representatives Gary Miller (CA-31), Joe Heck (NV-3), Mike Coffman (CO-6), Rodney Davis (IL-13), David Joyce (OH-14), John Kline (MN-2) and Michael Grimm (NY-11). In addition, an ad directed at Speaker Boehner (OH-8) will run in the Washington, DC market.

The ad buy, in excess of $500,000, is in addition to the $2.5 million SEIU has already dedicated this year to paid media in a multi-pronged field and legislative campaign to pass commonsense immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

Immigration reform is not an issue that Republicans in swing districts can ignore. Recent polling of eight Republican congressional districts, commissioned by SEIU, shows that voters in swing districts are angry with their House members about the government shutdown. Further alienating their constituents is their inaction on immigration reform, something that is extremely popular across party lines. Polling also found that voters are more inclined to vote for their representatives in 2014 if they vote for commonsense immigration reform.

"One year out from the mid-term elections, Speaker Boehner is putting members of his caucus at risk. Commonsense immigration reform is smart politics, good policy and the right thing to do," said Saenz.

All the ads can be viewed here.


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