SEIU: GOP Leader Loses By Spinning Anti-Immigrant Web

SEIU: GOP Leader Loses By Spinning Anti-Immigrant Web

Published 12:16 PM Eastern - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beatriz Lopez,, 202-412-7396

Graham Bets on Immigration Reform and Wins, Cantor Plays to Extremists and Loses; GOP: Where do you stand now?

WASHINGTON, DC - After Congressman Eric Cantor lost his primary election bid, the Service Employees International Union's (SEIU) Executive Vice President Rocio Saenz issued the following statement:

"While some are shocked at the Republican Majority Leader's loss, the reality is candidates lose when they spin a web of anti-immigrant rhetoric. Case in point: Immigration reform supporter Senator Lindsey Graham won, while Congressman Cantor lost the minute he decided to appeal to extremists in his party and champion against reform."

"In fact, not too long ago in the Georgia primaries, a couple of contenders heralded 'self-deportation' and lost. It's clear that we're over this talk of the past. But is this clear to the Republican leadership?

"It's time for the Republican leadership to decide if they will lead their party to stand on the right side of history and gain the vote of mainstream America and that of the fastest growing bloc of voters--Latinos--or block immigration reform and lead their party into national irrelevancy."

Eliseo Medina, SEIU Chair of the Immigrant Justice Campaign, also added, "Here's a primary result that makes it absolutely plain: primaries are won when you don't play politics with your constituents and run on common sense support for immigration reform. Mr. Cantor will lament the day he decided to heed the fears and absurdities of extremists and radio personalities."

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