Underpaid working people unite in 
largest mobilization in modern U.S. history, 
look ahead to more wage increases and policy wins #default

From dawn to dusk in front of restaurants and on college campuses from coast to coast, tens of thousands took part in strikes and protests Wednesday in the largest mobilization of underpaid working people in modern American history.

Will you join tens of thousands of workers in the streets on April 15? #default

On April 15, child care teachers, parents and thousands of struggling workers will be standing up and joining the Fight for $15 for higher pay and affordable child care. I'm a child care teacher and I'll be there. Will you?

Why McDonald's big announcement about its wages is a "weak move" #default

McDonald's made a big media splash when it announced that it was raising average pay to less than $10 an hour. But there's a big catch. The move actually helps very few McDonald's workers. About 90 percent of the cooks and cashiers who serve McDonald's food are left out and won't get any raise at all.