Tragedy Shows Airlines Should Use Influence--for the Public Good #default

When Ulbita Ramirez said farewell to her partner of 23 years on February 21, neither of them knew that it was their final farewell. Cesar Valenzuela was killed that day working at LAX airport for a contractor called Menzies Aviation. He was thrown from the baggage truck he was driving, which rolled over him, leaving him dead. The truck had no seatbelt.

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and Houston's Underpaid Workers Talk High Costs of Low Wages #default

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez shared a special breakfast at the home of an SEIU Texas janitor on August 19, focusing on the need to raise wages so that hard-working people can support their families and get the economy back on track.

Minnesota Airport Protest Leads to Hearing to Discuss Real Solutions for Disabled Passengers and Workers Alike #default

Two months ago, a group of airport workers, passengers with disabilities and their allies raised their voices together at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. Today (Monday August 18), the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which runs the airport, is discussing how to address these problems.