Gerry Hudson, SEIU Executive Vice President

Member Political Action Conference (MPAC) in Washington, DC, September 16, 2007

Video Clips

"Good Morning America" One Nation Rally
ABC News, August 2010

Deploying Our Gifts for the Betterment of Humankind: What Would Dr. King Say about Us?
MIT World, 2/4/2010

Social and Economic Justice Conference
Atlanta, GA, July 2006

Immigration Rally
(Gerry Hudson speaks after introduction from SEIU Executive VP Eliseo Medina) Washington, DC, 4/10/2006

Blog Posts

One Future: The Shared Economic, Political Plight of African Americans and Afro-Immigrants
Huffington Post, 1/22/2010

"Unions Can Help Us Get Over the Mountaintop Towards the Promised Land"
Huffington Post, 4/4/2008

Disparities in Health Care Hit Home
Daily Kos, 8/3/2007

"To Travel is to See"
Huffington Post, 4/26/2007

Deep Democracy, 9/20/2007

Labor Movement

Immigration Doesn't Need More Jim Crow
The Birmingham Times, October 6, 2011

Service union raises workers' pay, hopes [pdf]
Detroit Free Press, 9/2/2007

Labor: A New Beginning in the South
Tennessee Tribune/, 9/7/2006

Immigration: 5 Black Leaders Lend Their Voices to the Debate [pdf]
NAACP's The Crisis, July/August 2006

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Gerry Hudson's outstanding commitment to labor, confronting the realities of long term care, and environmental justice spans decades. Recently honored by Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations for his extraordinary leadership, Hudson continues to have wide-ranging impact on the fight to improve the lives of working families and their communities. Read more.


SEIU VP Explains Strategy: Build a Progressive Movement with Labor at Its Core
Talking Union, January 22, 2009

Environmental Justice

Labor: Negotiate Green to Protect Working People and Their Environment
Alternet, 5/1/2008
By Gerry Hudson

A Dual Commitment
Drum Major Institute (DMI Blog), 4/28/2008

Labor Goes to Bali--II
Global Labor Strageties, 12/5/2007

Long Term Care

More staff needed, not advisory committees
McKnight's Long-Term Care News and Assisted Living, August 1, 2008

Senators eye PE-owned nursing homes [pdf]
Daily Deal, 10/22/2007

Bill would help insure disabled... but union says it's time to help caregivers, too [pdf]
Modern Healthcare, 7/16/2007

No minimum wage for home-care aides [pdf]
Los Angeles Times, 6/12/2007

Court says no overtime for home health workers [pdf]
Chicago Tribune, 6/11/2007

Social & Economic Justice

A Progressive Agenda for Obama
Alternet, November 8, 2008
By Gerry Hudson

Nursing Grudges: Smith vs. Stern
San Francisco Weekly, 4/25/2007

Service employees union aims to tap Latinos' energy [pdf]
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7/29/2006

The Rachel Maddow Show
Air America, 7/27/2006

Rebuilding the Union Movement to Empower Communities of Color
The Black Commentator, 2/24/2005

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