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Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry
Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry
Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry
Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry Mary Kay Henry

Mary Kay Henry was named one of the nation's "Top 25 Women in Healthcare" for 2009 by Modern Healthcare. Henry has devoted her life to helping America's healthcare workers form unions, improve their jobs and the quality of care, and advocate for a more rational and humane healthcare system. Read complete bio.


Why Labor Backs 'Occupy Wall Street
The Wall Street Journal, October 8, 2011

President Obama goes on the attack, to Democrats' delight
The Washington Post, October 5, 2011

Washington's 100 Most Powerful Women
Washingtonian, October 3, 2011

Washington's most powerful women: Mary Kay Henry
CNNMoney, September 29, 2011

"State of the Unions"
CNBC [Video], June 11, 2011

Politics at the Expense of Progress Must Stop
Roll Call, May 18, 2011
By Mary Kay Henry

A dream for the middle class that cannot be allowed to die
The Washington Post, April 3, 2011

"Collective Bargaining" [Listen here]
The Diane Rehm Show, March 12, 2011

What Workers Want
Huffington Post, June 23, 2010

100 Women We Love, Class of 2010
Go Magazine, June 2010

Mary Kay Henry - First Woman President of SEIU
Tavis Smiley Show, May 22, 2010

SEIU to refocus under Henry
The Hill, May 12, 2010


"Public Unions: Down But Not Out"
MSNBC [Video], March 10, 2011

SEIU To Sit Out General Election If Preferred Candidate Doesn't Win Primary
Huffington Post, May 13, 2010

New SEIU President Mary Kay Henry Puts Focus on Politics, Labor Unity
Politics Daily, May 11, 2010

Henry's agenda
Politico, Ben Smith's Blog, May 10, 2010

New Union Leader Wants Group to Be More of a Political Powerhouse
New York Times, May 8, 2010


Troy native leads service workers union into new era
Detroit News, June 22, 2010

Laboring to Unite (PDF)
Modern Healthcare, November 16, 2009

SEIU Planning to Form Another Union For Its Nearly 1 Million Health Care Workers (PDF)
BNA Daily Labor Report, January 30, 2007

United to Conquer; SEIU joins with other unions... (PDF)
Modern Healthcare, August 21, 2006

The New Union Strategy
Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, May, 2006

Laboring for Union Nurses
Modern Healthcare, May 23, 2005

Healthcare Policy

100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare - 2010
Modern Healthcare, August 23, 2010
(Mary Kay Henry named 18th most powerful person in healthcare)

Langevin gets warm response from health care advocates
The Providence Journal, September 3, 2009

The Top 25 Women in Health Care 2009
Modern Healthcare, April 20, 2009

A Matter of Life And Death
Soujourners Magazine, August 2008
By Mary Kay Henry

Future of Employee Health Benefits [Video], March 28, 2008

All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth...
Huffington Post, November 15, 2007
By Mary Kay Henry

Bush Vetoes Child Health Care Extension
Workers Revolutionary Party, October 5, 2007

Focus on fundamental right to health care for all
Managed Healthcare Executive, October 1, 2007

A Question of Priorities: Money for HC, Not War
The Hill, September 19, 2007

The Importance of Reaching Out in the Health Care Debate
Healthcare Policy & Marketplace Review, May 10, 2007

Workers' Rights

Statement on Introduction of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), April 24, 2007

As costs rise, employer insurance coverage falls (PDF)
International Medical News Group, April 1, 2007

Board slashes workers' rights to join unions
People's Weekly World, October 5, 2006


"The Ed Show" (from 08:38, onward. Transcript here)
MSNBC, September 28, 2010

SEIU Elects Mary Kay Henry as International President
May 8, 2010

Special Message from Mary Kay
May 9, 2010

Health Care Tales from the Trenches, Summit for Affordable Health Care
January 13, 2010

Speaking at a rally to support the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor
August 5, 2009

A Presentation and Discussion of the McKinsey Global Institute Report "Accounting for the Cost of US Healthcare: A New Look at Why Americans Spend More"
February 9, 2009

Labor/Community Alliances

SEIU's First Female President Sets Out to Heal Rifts
NPR, May 12, 2010

New SEIU Chief, Mary Kay Henry, Charts Her Path for Union
In These Times, May 9, 2010

More features

New face of labor has heart, drive
Las Vegas Sun, December 10, 2006

United She Stands
Modern Healthcare, November 27, 2006

Women's Work
In These Times, July 26, 2005

Coalition unveils health care legislation to help some uninsured
The Hill, April 2, 2008

Building Ties with labor (.pdf), November 11, 2005

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