Member Advantages of Employee Free Choice

Unions benefit all of America's workers and strengthen our communities.  But when some workers are denied a voice on the job, it hurts all workers because it brings down everyones' standards. We see it as we pass up higher wages to keep our healthcare. We see it when good jobs leave our communities and are replaced by low-paying jobs that can't support a family.

With more workers uniting for a voice on the job, we can build our strength to win higher wages for all workers, access to affordable healthcare, protect our retirement, and create a better future for our kids.

Unions today:

Reinforce the middle class and lift up America's communities. States with higher rates of unionization have lower rates of poverty, crime, and failing schools.

Raise wages for all workers. Studies show that a large union presence in an industry or region can raise wages even for non-union workers.

Advocate for increases in the minimum wage and push for living wage ordinances. Unions have been instrumental in efforts to increase the federal minimum wage, state minimum wages and in the successful living wage movement which has already resulted in over 150 local living wage laws nationwide.

Reduce wage inequality. Unions raise wages the most for low- and middle-wage workers and workers without college degrees.

The Employee Free Choice Act is about making sure workers have the freedom to unite for a voice on the job. Workers across the country deserve a fair chance to unite with their co-workers and to share in the prosperity they've done so much to create.

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