Member Leadership and Action

Stepping up for working families everywhere

SEIU members at the Member Leadership in Action conference in Los Angeles in 2011

SEIU is focusing our member leadership and action work on engaging at least 10% of our membership, or 200,000 member activists, in the work to bring about a fair economy that works for working people - not just the rich and giant corporations.

TEAM Leaders are the 1% of member activists that inspire, recruit and develop the 9% of member activists in every local union. The name comes from our desire to Transform, Educate, Agitate and Mobilize our fellow union brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors into actions that will lead the way to a more just and humane society. TEAM Leaders are member activists who are:

These TEAM Leader member activists are taking the skills developed as leaders in the work site and are stepping into leadership roles in their communities by planning and executing events and actions that take on corporate greed and income inequality--and calling for good jobs for all now.

Whether it's lobbying local and national public officials, reaching out workers who don't have a union, or standing strong with your fellow SEIU members to make improvements at work, our member activists are leading the way.

Ready to take action? Become a TEAM Leader of SEIU today!

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