Safety and Health

» Getting kicked, spit on, or assaulted should never be part of a job. Members of SEIU Local 4053, the New York State Public Employees Federation, have launched an aggressive campaign to implement worksite-based violence prevention programs and pass a package of state violence prevention bills.

» Interested in establishing a safe resident lifting program? Check out this NIOSH guide for nursing home owners, administrators, nurse managers, safety and health professionals, and workers.

» SEIU trains providers on emergency preparedness and emerging health threats to ensure respirators provide adequate protection.

SEIU's deep commitment to workers and their families extends to their safety and health--on and off the job.

That's why we've put together several booklets (listed and described below) outlining the risks and detailing what you need to protect yourself.

Some of the booklets are available in PDF format. Others can be ordered from SEIU's Fulfillment Center by calling (202) 730-7872.

In addition to the booklets, note our fact sheets on smallpox and our comprehensive list of safety and health sites below.

In addition, take note of our important items listed in the sidebar at right.

HIV AIDS Protecting Ourselves, Protecting Our Patients and Residents HIV/AIDS Protecting Ourselves, Protecting Our Patients and Residents
Health care workers are sometimes frightened by the many stories and rumors about HIV/AIDS. This colorful and highly illustrated 15-page booklet, designed so that it can also be distributed to workers with low English literacy skills, conveys the message that we can still care for our patients and residents, and protect ourselves at the same time. The concise, straightforward information in this book will put health care workers in control of the facts about HIV and AIDS. Hard copies available for $1.00 each, prepaid.

HIV AIDS Book: Information for Workers The HIV/AIDS Book: Information for Workers
The fifth edition of this comprehensive 68-page book was written for local union leaders and staff, who provide education and information about HIV and AIDS. The book provides answers to real questions union members ask at workshops and training sessions.  Hard copies available for $3.00 each, prepaid.

SEIUs Guide to Preventing Needlestick Injuries SEIU's Guide to Preventing Needlestick Injuries
This 1998 36-page booklet (pdf) helps health care workers collect needlestick injury data, actively participate in product evaluation committees, work with hospital administrators, file health and safety grievances, and file complaints with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) when necessary. Hard copies available for $3.00 each, prepaid.

Is Your Building Making You Sick? Is Your Building Making You Sick?
This 35-page training workbook (pdf) provides SEIU members with an understanding of the causes of indoor air quality problems, and the tools to persuade employers and building owners to make indoor work environments safe and healthful. This workbook teaches workers how to work together and organize their co-workers to solve sick building syndrome problems. Hard copies available at no charge.

Fact sheets on Smallpox
» Smallpox Disease, Vaccine, Vaccination: FAQs (pdf)
» The Vaccine Program: Weigh the Facts Before You Volunteer (pdf)
» Should You Volunteer? A Chart to Help You Decide (pdf)
» Vaccination Safeguards: A Checklist for Health Care Workers (pdf)

Workplace safety and health sites:

General Health and Safety
» National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
» Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
» OSHA's Electronic Compliance Assistance Tools -- Helps workers and employers identify and address potential occupational hazards in nursing homes or in hospitals by describing standard requirements and safe work practices. 
» OSHA worker rights under the OSH Act of 1970
» National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
» NIOSH guidelines for worker safety and health
» Premier's safety topics A to Z
» The National Network of Committees on Occupational Safety and Health
» Sustainable Hospitals Project

What is Swine Flu, H1N1 and Is Your Worksite Ready for It?
» Overview
» Swine Flu Similarities and Differences
» Using Infection Control
» Response Plan Checklist

Bloodborne Pathogens and Preventing Needlestick Injuries
» OSHA's needlestick info
» CDC guidelines for managing occupational exposure to HBV, HCV and HIV
» NIOSH alert on preventing needlestick injuries
» NIOSH lessons learned: safer medical device implementation
» Training for Development of Innovative Control -- Technologies Project (developing safer needlestick technology)
» International Health Care Worker Safety Center
» EPA info about disposing of medical sharps in homecare settings

Tuberculosis (TB) and Control of Airborne Pathogens
» NIOSH and CDC guide
» CDC guidelines for preventing TB transmission of mycobacterium
» OSHA enforcement policy

Safe Patient Handling and Lifting (including no-lift policies)
» Department of Veterans Affairs Patient Safety Center

Violence in the Workplace
» OSHA guidelines

Latex Allergy
» OSHA Technical Information Bulletin
» NIOSH alert

Chemicals and Hazardous Drugs

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