Join the Next WAVE of Organizers

...and deliver the change American workers need.

SEIU is always hiring organizers to help rebuild the dream for American workers.  Union organizers are energetic and passionate about social and economic justice for all.

Corporate America is about poverty wages, exploitation, pollution, and excessive profit margins.

SEIU is about changing that.  We help working families fight for justice through:

•    large-scale organizing,
•    innovative direct action,
•    grassroots political action,
•    community coalition building while
•    taking advantage of the latest technologies

SEIU's highly-skilled organizers help workers lead the movement for political, economic, and social justice, overpowering some of the world's toughest bosses.

Through the Wave program, SEIU is training the next generation of union organizers who will deliver the change American workers need.  Wave organizers work on some of the most exciting, innovative, and successful campaigns in labor's history.

Each Wave team goes through an intensive training program before starting on campaigns under the guidance of experienced organizers and leaders.  Wave organizers continue to participate in trainings while in the field, and also meet regularly for additional "classroom" training and mentoring.

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