Frequently Asked Questions About the Trusteeship

What is a 'trusteeship'?
As a protective measure for its members, an International union has the authority to place a local union under trusteeship if there is corruption, financial wrongdoing or a breakdown of representation or democracy taking place. Under trusteeship, the local's current constitution and bylaws are suspended, elected officers are removed, and a 'trustee' is appointed by the International President to replace the previously elected body (the Executive Board, including the President, Executive Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer). The trustee then oversees the daily operations and finances of the Local.

What caused SEIU UHW to be placed under trusteeship?
After overseeing six days of hearings where testimony was heard from both SEIU International and SEIU UHW leadership, former Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall issued a report confirming that top SEIU UHW leadership engaged serious financial wrongdoing, attempted to evade democratic accountability and oversight, and attempted to subvert the democratic processes of our union - all grounds for trusteeship. Furthermore, for two separate and independent reasons ground this decision to impose an emergency trusteeship. First, UHW leaders have not only failed to cooperate with, but indeed defied the International Union's decision on California jurisdiction, despite the clear need for its effective and efficient implementation. Second, there is reason to believe that UHW leaders have fostered and/or facilitated--and in all events have failed in their duty as officers to take affirmative action to counteract--plans and proposals to decertify UHW bargaining units, de-authorize dues deductions, and/or trigger defections of UHW members to rival or new unions, thereby immediately putting at serious risk the stability of collective bargaining relationships for the affected members and undermining the lawful objects of the International Union.

Who are the trustees?
Executive Vice Presidents Eliseo Medina and Dave Regan have been named trustees of SEIU UHW.

For more than 40 years, Eliseo Medina has organized workers and served as one of the leading voices in the movement to fix our country's broken immigration system. From his start in SEIU in 1986 reviving a local union in San Diego, Medina has earned the respect of the national labor community as an effective leader of our movement.

Dave Regan is a committed political and healthcare reform activist with nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the labor movement. Prior to being elected as an executive vice president, Regan served as president of the SEIU District 1199, a three-state local representing over 34,000 members in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.

What happens next?
The elected leaders of SEIU UHW have been removed and trustees have been appointed to restore fiscal and ethical accountability. During this time, the trustees will correct serious financial wrongdoing, restore democratic procedures, protect the members' interest, and carry out the goals of the union. Elections for new officers will be held once the local has been stabilized.

How does the trusteeship impact the long term care jurisdiction process?
It does not. Based on the recommendation made by the hearing officer, the International Executive Board has voted and determined that there will be one statewide long-term care union. Members working for home care or nursing home employers will remain members of SEIU UHW until the transition process is complete.

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