Global Partnerships - Quotes

"SEIU and its partner unions in Australia and New Zealand came together on the Clean Start/Fair Share campaign. This is helping turn lousy cleaning jobs into good jobs, has trained more than 50 organizers how to win, and formed a strong part of a global network of cleaners' unions that will eventually become a global union capable of matching the power of global employers and owners."

-- Louise Tarrant, National Secretary
LHMU, Australia

"We're partnering with unions around a growth agenda in Latin America, where so many of our members come from."

-- Roberto Pagan, President
SEIU Local 1996/SPT, Puerto Rico

"By partnering with other unions across the world, we are better able to effectively work with global employers. The bottom line is we're better able to help workers."

--Tom Balanoff, Director of UNI Property Services
President, SEIU Local 1, Chicago

"Child care is important in every country. We're working with multinational companies that operate child care centers, along with our union partners, so we can raise standards for child care providers and empower them to give the best care they can for kids all over the world."

-- Kim Cook, SEIU Local 925, Washington

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