Green Contract Provisions

globeEvery day, working people are suffering from environmental factors that are contributing to global climate change. From the high incidence of asthma among our children, to the contaminated air, land and water in our neighborhoods, to the increasingly high cost that we are paying to heat our homes and fuel our cars.

Climate change itself--the gradual warming of the planet due to too much CO2 production--is an environmental crisis that will affect millions of workers' communities and workplaces, potentially for generations to come.

SEIU members have a unique opportunity to be part of the solution to climate change. Through our considerable collective bargaining power, we have the capacity to negotiate for provisions that will benefit us, our children, and the environment. We call these "green contract provisions."

What is a "green" contract provision?

A green contract provision is one that:

  • Improves the lives of SEIU members through a direct financial or health benefit; and
  • Benefits the environment

These web pages describe a range of contract provisions that meet these two criteria. Most of these provisions are ones that have been negotiated by SEIU locals, while others have been proposed and others are ideas only.

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