Fair Wages and Benefits

By joining together with SEIU, janitors, security officers and food service workers have turned part-time, dead-end jobs into full-time jobs with healthcare that can support a family. These victories have helped transform low-income neighborhoods as millions of dollars have poured into the communities where workers live.

For too long, the fast-growing private security industry has been characterized by low wage jobs without benefits, a lack of adequate training and up to 300% turnover each year. Over 30,000 officers across the country have worked to change that by forming a union with SEIU and raising standards across the industry. Together officers have won better wages, affordable healthcare and access to training to help keep our communities safer.

Food service workers are the lowest paid workers in our children's schools, and thousands are living at or below the poverty line. Over the past several years, more than 18,000 food service, facilities, and laundry workers have won their union thanks to the Service Workers United campaign, uniting together for a strong voice on the job and better pay and benefits.

For two decades, janitors have been uniting to achieve social and economic justice through SEIU's Justice for Janitors campaign. Since 1985, more than 225,000 janitors in 29 cities throughout the United States have united in SEIU and won family health insurance, livable wages, full-time work, and better working conditions. This movement of low-wage, mostly immigrant workers has earned broad-based support from the public as well as religious, political and community leaders.

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