How Workers are Winning with SEIU

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has a proven and effective approach to bring stability to the workforce and to raise industry standards, while also keeping companies competitive. Workers are winning because they have:
  1. A voice on the job: Without a union, workers cannot safely speak up about quality of service issues without the fear of undue or unfair retaliation from employers. By forming a union with SEIU, property service workers have the ability to raise issues that affect their jobs and the services they provide.

  2. National partnerships to increase workforce stability: SEIU has built national partnerships with the leading companies in the property services industry in order to raise standards for training, pay and benefits and thereby reduce turnover and improve the quality of service.

  3. Marketwide contracts to lower turnover and create competition on the basis of quality - not based on how low a contractor can drive wages and benefits: SEIU unites workers across metropolitan markets and negotiates contracts that covers all union workers who provide a particular service in that market. Areawide rates for wages and benefits increase accountability for clients and, in the long run, lower turnover as wages and benefits improve. SEIU members work hard to create a level playing field on which responsible companies can thrive by holding accountable those contractors who try to undercut the areawide rates. As a result, workers earn fairer wages and affordable healthcare, employers and clients see the benefits of reduced turnover, and everyone reaps the benefits of a better trained, more stable, more professional workforce.

  4. Building our union through community partnerships and political action: No matter how strong SEIU members are in the workplace, we cannot stop when the workday ends. That's why SEIU members work hard to build community partnerships; pass legislation at the local, state and national level that benefits working people; and elect public officials who have the best interest of working families at the top of their agenda. These efforts help us to create and maintain real change both at our workplaces and in our neighborhoods.
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