Workers United Affiliates With SEIU

A common mission, a common history and common challenges in this new economy bring Workers United and SEIU together to achieve their mutual goal of bringing dignity and security to members and workers in the garment, textile, laundry, distribution, property services and hospitality industries.

SEIU and Workers United share a mission of fighting to protect some of the most exploited workers in our nation doing some of the most difficult, demanding and dangerous jobs. SEIU and Workers United stand at a transformational moment in our history, facing tremendous challenges in our economy, but poised to redefine how this country values work and the hardworking women and men who can restore prosperity to our nation.

Together we can transform our nation and turn hundreds of thousands of low-wage jobs into the good, family-sustaining, middle class jobs that will help achieve economic and social justice for our members now and into the future.

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Press Releases

Workers United and SEIU Announce Affiliation

"Yesterday, Workers United made history again with an affiliation with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) one of the most powerful, dynamic and vibrant labor organizations in the world."


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