Flint Water Crisis: SEIU member leaders, Flint residents demand accountability in D.C.

It's time for Gov. Snyder to take responsibility for the decisions that led to this terrible disaster

SEIU members caucus and organize for Hillary Clinton

She will fight, deliver and win for working families.

Trading the Green Bay Packers for democracy

A team of 17 healthcare providers hit the streets to talk to Iowa voters

Security officers front and center in Amazon development discussion

Amazon security contractor prompts Seattle City Council to reconsider the rules of the game.

Everyone Should Be Able to Succeed

Working people are coming together to fight back against attacks on their right to unite

2015 Journey to a Just Society

Just think of all we'll accomplish in 2016

Nurse Alliance Year-End Roundup Newsletter

Nurses Roundup Newsletter Dec. 18, 2015

Standing in solidarity and sharing in their grief.

Our hearts are broken with the tragic loss of our fallen and injured sisters and brothers.

Vigil shines light through unspeakable loss

Workers, community find hope in hopeless situation

Hillary Clinton is part of our movement

I’m supporting her because she’ll support us

SEIU endorses Hillary Clinton for president

Members: Clinton supports our movement to build a better future for working families

Tough Choices at Home; Tough Choices at Work

Nursing Home Workers Join Fight for $15

Veteran Security Officer Jeremy Birchwood on the Fight for $15

Elevating somebody else helps my community as a whole.

Air Force veteran, union leader Jimmy Moore

“Being active in my union gives me a better sense of belonging.”

Veteran says winning paid time off means valuable time with his family

Edward can now visit his family on the East Coast.

Army veteran and union leader Terry Wade organizes across cultures

“The language barrier is tough, but they light up when they see my ‘SEIU’ sign."

Army veteran Troy Williams fights for a better way of life on the home front

"...so much to be done through our unions, bc the economy is out of control."

When We Fight Together We All Win

Reflections on Los Angeles and the path to victory

Stay above the water, get covered

​Having affordable health insurance helps me stay above water

The Time is Now for Fair Chance Hiring Reforms

President Mary Kay Henry sends letter supporting Fair Chance hiring reforms

Hundreds gathered in DCA yesterday, but it wasn’t for what you think.

Workers are in the #FightFor15 from around the world.

Read our lips: Americans want to expand Social Security - not to raise the retirement age

Raising the retirement age would hurt Americans who live paycheck to paycheck.

Mary and Ricardo are joining the People’s Climate march. Find out why.

No one should have to move to a different state for cleaner air.

Do unto others

Miami home care worker Antoinette Quintyne is paying it forward

Senators introduce bill to hold for-profit colleges accountable

Faculty and students have voiced their support for the legislation

Because our fight is also about LOVE

Thousands descend into Philly to make one large statement

Thousands rally for growing movement

Nationwide wage push reaches apex in Philly

Who’ll protect us when we can no longer do this work?

The majority of home care workers have no retirement plan at work.

Preventative care for women is under attack.

Why we’ve joined #PinkOut to defend Planned Parenthood

Let us heed the pope's call to action

Standing together, we can do what it takes to make the impossible possible.

6 things Pope Francis said that will resonate with working families

He challenged Congress to do better on the issues that matter.

Is climate change linked to poverty and human dignity? Pope Francis says yes.

SEIU members join rally for climate action during papal visit

Pope Francis introduced himself to America as 'the son of an immigrant family.'

Our Pilgrims cheered his remarks on immigration and climate change.

After walking 100 miles, they hoped their last steps would shake the Capitol.

As the pope reached Washington, participants in 100 Women, 100 Miles did too.

Pope Francis talks about the dignity of work. His message has drawn workers to Washington.

16 "Pilgrims" pushing for immigration reform and economic justice

Mary Kay Henry welcomes Pope Francis and encourages conversation for working people

President Henry on why Pope visit matters to working people

Breakfast with the pope?

Join the discussion on SEIU.org on Thursday morning, during the pope's speech!

Massive protest against government austerity plan in Puerto Rico

Unions, students, and local organizations march in solidarity

SEIU remembers September 11 victims

Their lives as seen through the eyes of their friends, relatives, and co-workers

Mary Kay Henry: Recounting an inspirational Labor Day in Boston

I joined thousands of SEIU members and others to hear President Obama

SEIU Nurses, Are You In?

Join the national conversation: “How Do We Shape the Future of Nursing?”

Professors launch Faculty Forward Network

Higher Education Activists Rally Around a Growing Movement

In loving memory of John Reid

Share your reflections and stories of his life

Go Social Security—it’s your birthday

It has your back in good times and bad

Members of Congress, child care providers, and parents stand together by the U.S. Capitol (VIDEO)

No one who works hard caring for your children should live in poverty.

King v. Burwell

A nurse’s fight to keep the Affordable Care Act

7 home care providers share front-line stories about caring for others

Home care roundtable with Secretary Clinton resonates with nurses

Home care providers and consumers will tell their stories to Hillary Clinton

They're joining together to provide quality care. Watch live here on Thursday!

These 6 SEIU members are fighting for clean power

Asthma and other health hazards mean we must act

Getting better with age

SEIU welcomes Medicare and Medicaid to its fabulous 50s

Only $10/hr after 42 years in home care?

Why Lizabeth came to DC for the White House Conference on Aging

Nace una unión de trabajadores de limpieza.

Cómo un grupo de trabajadores, en su mayoría inmigrantes, se atrevió a soñar.

Winning a voice for healthcare workers

The largest labor victory since the UAW organized in Flint, MI.

When Martin Luther King, Jr spoke to SEIU 1199

One of the last speeches he gave before he was killed.

How SEIU members won the fight for healthcare reform

Healthcare workers led the fight for Obamacare.

A union of janitors is born.

How a group of mostly immigrant workers dared to dream.

I joined the fight to stop voter discrimination.

Traveling to North Carolina to March for Voting Rights.

Nadaije has been homeless, but she's still fighting for others.

Those who care for children can't make ends meet. They deserve a living wage.

Hillary Clinton was moved by her story, now it's your turn.

Her younger child was further behind, early childcare makes a difference.

These childcare teachers just changed what this election's about.

Teachers & parents shared moving stories with Hillary Clinton

When police beat janitors — but janitors won justice.

25 years of raising America with good jobs

The history of SEIU in 11 photographs

These incredible photos tell our story

Lalo Garcia reflects on 25 years of raising America

"Because as an immigrant, I know you don't have to be afraid."

BREAKING: 8 million people get to keep their healthcare!

As a registered nurse, I see the benefits every day.

How one mom made a packed room weep

This mom and her (adorable) 3-year old son explain why we NEED $15 now

Lalo García reflexiona sobre los 25 años llevando adelante a los Estados Unidos

"Porque como inmigrante, sé que usted no tiene que tener miedo."

ÚLTIMA HORA: 8 millones de personas conservarán su seguro de salud.

Como enfermera graduada, veo los beneficios cada día.

"I used to make $15 and a union."

In order to turn bigger profits, corporations slashed my wages and benefits.

Nurses Week 2015 - a focus on advocacy & celebration

Highlights from around the country.

Healthcare law turns five.

Fight to defend it more important than ever.

Nurses take a stand at Supreme Court for healthcare law.

Also how we can apply lessons learned from the Ebola crisis.

Racial justice for all: Ferguson and beyond

We will not rest in these efforts until America is a more just society

Fighting for the American Dream: An Immigration Story

She saw her nieces and nephews separated from their parents for 30 years

My life as as a "work zombie."

"I Didn't Prepare for Retirement."

"We don't know what will happen in the future."

Far too many workers don't have access to a retirement plan at work.