University of Iowa faculty sit-in to stand up against the boss

Faculty Forward in Iowa fights to improve higher ed jobs

Progressive Groups Announce Unprecedented $30 Million Midterm Effort in Three States

Win Justice program will reach 2.5 million voters in Florida, Michigan, and Nevada

Come Hell or High Water

The first episode of SEIU’s new podcast—Healthcare on the Frontlines

Sinai Grace Hospital workers in Detroit vote to make their jobs good #UNION jobs by uniting in SEIU

We're standing up to a political and economic system that’s been rigged against them for far too long.

Our children should count in the 2020 census. It’s their country too.

Our children need a fair and accurate census to ensure their government works for them now and in the future.

Unions make the difference for working women

The United State of Women (USOW) annual meeting in Los Angeles shows that together, we are powerful, strong, and committed to win real change.

How Do Childcare Deserts Impact Working Families?

SEIU Local 1021 Member Frankie Izzo Explains

America Needs Union Jobs

It's Time to Stand With Working Families!

We’re holding elected officials accountable for the Trump Tax

Why I'm raising awareness about the President's tax plan

#TimesUp Women need unions to protect against sexual harassment at work

Sexual harassment and assault on the job has to stop. Together, we have the power to stop it.

Ready to Put Our Boots on the Ground

Realizing our power and using it to create change

2017: A Year of Resisting and Rising

We reflect on the incredible power of working people

SEIU Nurses say Get Covered: Sign up for healthcare by Dec. 15

Tell your family and friends to visit​ before December 15

"The future of humanity… fundamentally lies in the hands of the people and in their ability to organize."

Mary Kay Henry travels to the Vatican to meet with heads of Catholic Church

We Can Keep Families Together

SEIU members are calling Congress to protect immigrant families

Rebuilding Together After Hurricane Harvey

Being a part of a strong union helps in these moments

SEIU members keep fighting for healthcare

These are the stories of tireless SEIU members advocating for your health.

The new Department of Homeland Security Secretary nominee should commit to continue relief efforts in Puerto Rico

Pulling out crucial first responders while the death toll keeps increasing is unconscionable

Working people must stand up for immigrant families.

Share this video and urge Congress to protect immigrant families.

How do you help address the retirement crisis?

Join a union (and elect good people).

Hurricane Harvey Devastated My Community

The road ahead will be tough, but we can rebuild together

SEIU Members Must Fight Against Hate

SEIU members are speaking and showing up at rallies to fight back against white supremacy.

We weren’t able to come to the United States as refugees.

Maybe if we had, my mom and my brothers would still be alive.

My family survived a civil war

Now I’m fighting for a world where we can care for people no matter who they are

A sense of peace is the most important thing for those of us who escaped war zones.

When I see what’s happening in Syria, I can relate. It happened to me.

My family became refugees because we stood up to the Sudanese government

Now I’m standing up for the rights of refugees and immigrants here in America

Trump’s budget: A disaster for working families

Ripping healthcare from working people, children and seniors to pay for rich corporations' tax breaks

SEIU members speak out to stop AHCA’s devastating impact on healthcare, jobs

The numbers on jobs, insurance coverage and premiums reveal how devastating the AHCA would be to working people

Refugees like me know the dangers of religious intolerance

Here's why I'm a Christian airport worker against the Muslim Ban 2.0

I spend my days leading a crew that cleans United planes

This week, I flew to Chicago to talk to United CEO Oscar Muñoz

United Airlines contractor PrimeFlight: “Temporary Jobs”

People keep quitting, and they bring new people every day.

Victory in DC airports!

We’re proving that we can change the rules when we work together

When the plane landed in the U.S., I felt free. I felt safe.

After decades of being punished and threatened for standing up for human rights in my native country of Sudan, Minnesota has given my family a good life.

Nurse Alliance Roundup, March 31, 2017

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare

Reflections on the Life of Mike Garcia

His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of SEIU members everywhere.

Healthcare repeal will hurt working families to benefit the wealthy

I was hit by a car and the only way I was able to get back on my feet and get back to work was through healthcare coverage.

Retirement is already hard. Why make things worse?

Congress wants to make it harder for Americans to retire.

We need your voice to protect Medicaid

24 million Americans, 14 million of them on Medicaid, would lose their healthcare if Congress votes for the repeal bill.

#CampusResistance rises today at colleges and universities nationwide

Americans deserve—and need—colleges that are gateways to a lifetime of opportunity for students

Workers across the country demand a real healthcare plan from Congress

Thousands of constituents are attending town hall meetings and congressional offices to make their voices hear: they want a real healthcare plan and save Medicaid

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup, February 17, 2017​ ​

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

Dear Congress: What's your plan?

Americans demand to know what's the plan to keep healthcare and Medicaid for millions of Americans

10 Questions any ACA replacement bill must answer

Before Republicans come up with any bill, these are the 10 basic questions that we need to know about any replacement plan.

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup January 20, 2017

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

This MLK Day, I marched for justice at Newark Airport

Mayor Ras Baraka led the call to value our hard work and commitment

Three Reasons Why the Price Prescription Is Wrong for Our Families

Share this video to tell Congress that Tom Price is wrong for our country’s healthcare

Affordable healthcare changed my life... Don't take that away

Kim Thomas relies on quality and affordable care that keeps her healthy enough to work

Mr. Trump: Don’t feed the Social Security Gremlins

Will the White House be invaded by gremlins?

Nurse Roundup December 9, 2016

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

We stuck together and won big at Fort Lauderdale Airport

On the picket line, my fear disappeared

Taking the Fight for $15 to the next level

Fighting for a union at Sea-Tac

The airline industry is global. So are we.

The need to organize has no borders or nationality

La industria aeronáutica es global. Como nosotros.

La necesidad de organizarse no tiene fronteras ni nacionalidad

54 years after my first day at DCA

We’re making history at our airports

The airlines can support the people that support them

Why my family is fighting for $15 and union rights at O’Hare

Las aerolíneas pueden mantener a la gente que les mantiene

Por qué mi familia está luchando por $15 y derechos sindicales en O'Hare

Saving for retirement isn’t simple when earning poverty wages

The old adage of spend less and save more doesn’t cut it for adjuncts

Nurse Roundup October 19, 2016

Latest news and updates from the Nurse Alliance

Immigrant and home care worker shines at the White House

Roxana Giron called for better jobs during Hispanic Heritage Month celebration

Donald Trump doesn’t understand saving for retirement

He doesn’t get Social Security either

Top 5 Reasons Why I am Getting out the Vote

I'll be among the 50,000 members getting out the word. Will you?

Social Security looks like America – It has multiple faces

Social Security recipients are as diverse as our population.

Growing evidence Affordable Care Act is benefiting patients

Expanded access to care, covered services making a difference

A quality child care system is within our grasp

My trip to the DNC in Philadelphia shows how far we’ve come on child care and inspires me to do even more

Graduate Student Employees Launch a Nationwide Drive to Organize Unions with SEIU

Columbia University decision paves way for student assistants’ efforts to join together

Are you voting for retirement security?

The leaders we elect this fall may determine how we spend our retirement years.​

Winning the battle against cancer and for affordable healthcare

She's beat back cancer twice. Now this security officer is fighting for everyone's rights on the job.

Reflecting on Dallas, Baton Rouge, La., and Falcon Heights, Minn.: Feelings, Thoughts and Action

Working together to make sense of the recent tragedies and trying to create change

When will it stop?

We must have the uncomfortable conversations about racism in this country.

Tell Congress to stop sneak attacks on working people.

Budget "riders" would help corporations, not working men and women.

Home Care Fight for $15 leader named White House ‘Champion of Change’

Barbara Carr is a home care worker providing essential services to the most vulnerable residents of Flint

“I feel like I should be able to offer my son more.”

Why does a security officer who keeps patients and nurses safe rely on public assistance for healthcare?

The United State of Women: Home Care Workers and the Caring Economy

Betzaida Ventura joined dozens of workers at the United State of Women summit

Northwestern University Faculty Announce Union Election Filing

Part-time and full-time faculty come together in the latest milestone in Chicago union organizing

SEIU members, Fight for $15 activists celebrate ‘United State of Women’

Working women converge on Washington, D.C., to talk about gender equality issues

Statement from SEIU President Mary Kay Henry on Orlando

​Our hearts are heavy once again, as we mourn the horrific loss of life.

Four reasons why we should expand Social Security

Our elected officials should answer President Obama’s call to expand Social Security

Chicago and New York security officers win $15—and more—through their unions

Another important victory in the fight for $15 and safer cities

We are rising to achieve racial justice

Young workers are coming together to fight back against racism

Young people are rising to the occasion and creating change

Continuing the movement towards a more just society with SEIU Rise

We Won’t Have Economic Justice Without Racial Justice

We are on a journey to end anti-Black racism

Navy vet: “I would LOVE my job if we were paid fairly.”

Why does a vet who's putting her skills to use in security rely on public assistance to scrape by?

Nurses Week 2016: Celebrating heroes of healthcare

Nurses are the heroes of healthcare

SEIU Nurse Alliance Roundup May 5, 2016

National Nurses Week Special Edition

As Nurses Week begins, a look back on what a year it’s been

A look back at all the incredible work SEIU nurses have done throughout the last year.

Investing in child care is an investment in our future

This Mother’s Day, join me in celebrating all of the hard-working moms across the country

Securing Safety for San Diegans

Chris took it upon himself to get extra training, and wants to lift safety for all in security industry

D.C. security officers spearheading wave of improvements in the District

Big win for officers, now ready to push for a $15 and paid sick leave for the rest of D.C.

The Fight for $15 is a global movement

We’re on our way to empower 64 million Americans

Chicago security officers ready to stem increase in violence

First responders, working to keep the city safe, but barely scraping by

Speaking up to stop wage theft in the security industry

Donyell says two out of three security contractors stole his wages. Now he's working to fix that.