We are the Service Employees International Union,
an organization of more than 2 million members
united by the belief in the dignity and worth of
workers and the services they provide and dedicated
to improving the lives of workers and their families
and creating a more just and humane society.

- SEIU mission statement

Where the Jobs Are: Healthcare

Getting more Americans back to work without sacrificing healthcare services for those that need it the most should be our top priority as a nation. Now more than ever, Americans cannot afford devastating cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

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where the jobs are: healthcare

Congress: Invest In Healthcare To Invest In Jobs

  • Healthcare jobs account for nearly 1 out of 8 jobs nationally.

  • Medicaid and Medicare don't just provide lifesaving care to millions of seniors, people with disabilities and children - they also generate millions of good jobs.

  • As nearly 15 million Americans struggle to find work, now is not the time to cut essential healthcare programs and further weaken our economy by cutting jobs.

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Cutting Medicaid Means Cutting Jobs:

1 million dollars in medicaid funding = 17.1 new jobs
Nurses Call A "Code Blue"

Lifesaving Healthcare and Quality Jobs Are At Risk

Healthcare Jobs At Risk In Supercommittee States

supercommittee map When unemployment remains high in nearly every state, decisions that would lead to additional job losses make little sense. So why is the supercommittee considering massive cuts to healthcare funding that could cost millions of jobs and further devastate our economy?

Medicaid Cuts Would Harm State Economies

supercommittee mapMedicaid doesn't just provide lifesaving care to millions of seniors, people with disabilities and poor children - it also generates millions of good jobs.

Healthcare Work That Needs Doing

The most important thing we can do for our economy is put America back to work in jobs that will help meet our nation's healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other needs. Help Congress ‘get the picture!’

Get the Facts

Tell Congress to protect funding for Medicaid and Medicare and to pass the American Jobs Act now.

medicaid rallyThe healthcare sector is one of America's greatest jobs engines. With jobs that cannot be shipped overseas, and opportunities for tremendous innovation, we need to protect and strengthen these jobs and the care that our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers provide to Americans.