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SEIU Continues Legal Fight for Immigration Justice

SEIU has become involved in two local legal cases that could have a larger impact in the ongoing fight for justice for all workers. In Pennsylvania, the U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its September 2010 decision that an anti-immigrant city ordinance in the city of Hazleton, again similar to Arizona's SB1070, preempted federal jurisdiction. In Georgia, SEIU is a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Georgia's new "show me your papers" law.

Spotlight on SEIU Locals: December 10th Round-up

Checking in with SEIU Locals around the country in California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee and Connecticut.

Latinos to Re-Shape Political Landscape after 2010

According to a new report released by America's Voice and NDN, U.S. Latinos are poised to shake up the political landscape. Thanks largely to new Latino constituents, eight states will likely gain Congressional seats after the 2010 Census.

Locals in georgia

National Assoc of Government Employees - Public Sector
581 Joseph E. Boone Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404) 521-9043

SEIU Workers United
4405 Mall Blvd Ste 600, Union City, GA 30291
Phone: (770) 306-8856

Southern Regional Joint Board, WU Conf - Property Services
4405 Mall Boulevard, Suite 600, Union City, GA 30291

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