“America faces a crisis…Discrimination and economic deprivation plague the nation and rob all people, Negro and white, of dignity and self respect…Thus, we call on all Americans to join us in Washington…” -Turnout leaflet, 1963

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The August 28, 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom marked a pivotal moment for civil right and social justice.

The march captured the nation’s attention and was the impetus behind important civil rights legislation. Fifty years later, it remains a shining example of what the nation can achieve when we come together. VIEW ALL MARCH ON WASHINGTON VIDEOS

Commit to Realizing the Dream!

What working people are fighting for today:

  • Good Jobs
  • Healthcare Accessibility
  • Good Education For All
  • Equal Justice
  • Voting Rights
  • Right to Organize Without Intimidation
  • Immigration Reform

Realizing the Dream:

Despite the progress America has made over the last half century, we still have a way to go to fulfill the goals of the march. 30 percent of workers have low-wage jobs; voting rights are under relentless attack; the value of the minimum wage has eroded; income inequality is worsening; vital public services such as education and health care are under attack; 11 million aspiring Americans are forced to live in the shadows; and we still have an uneven system of justice rooted in stereotypes based on race, gender and class.


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