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About SEIU's Politics Programs

From deploying member political organizers to producing ads that highlight the difference between candidates on issues of concern to lower income and middle class voters, SEIU is a driving force in victories for working families all over the country.

For SEIU members, this election has always been about putting the American Dream back within the reach of middle class and low-income people who work hard and want to provide our kids and our grandkids with a better future.

The Paul Ryan Budget - Déjà vu All Over Again Apr 10

The House of Representatives today passed Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's (R-WI) fiscal year (FY) budget resolution. Introduced last week...

The Paul Ryan Budget - Déjà vu All Over Again Apr 10

Workers can still be fired for being gay. Congress needs to pass ENDA. May 03

AFSCME and NEA join SEIU in ad buy showing a bleak life in "Boehnerville" Dec 20


2010 Targeted Races

Gubernatorial Candidates

Candidate Facebook Race ActBlue
Jerry BrownLikeCA-GovContribute
John HickenlooperLikeCO-GovContribute
Dan MalloyLikeCT-Govn/a
Alex SinkLikeFL-GovContribute

Senate Candidates

Candidate Facebook Race ActBlue
Barbara BoxerLikeCA-SenContribute
Richard BlumenthalLikeCT-SenContribute
Michael BennetLikeCO-SenContribute
Chris CoonsLikeDE-SenContribute

House Candidates

Candidate Facebook Race ActBlue
Raul GrijalvaLikeAR-07Contribute
Betsy MarkeyLikeCO-04Contribute
John CarneyLikeDE-ALContribute
Joe GarciaLikeFL-25Contribute

2008 Program

SEIU members' political involvement in the 2008 cycle surpassed any other election in our history. Together, we:

  • Knocked on 3,571,955 doors;
  • Made 16,539,038 phone calls;
  • Sent 5,125,378 pieces of mail;
  • Registered 227,206 new voters;
  • Helped 10,992 voters vote early or by absentee; and
  • Held 658 media events.

Get resources detailing our success in 2008:


Paid for by SEIU COPE, SEIU.org. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. COPE is a program that is funded by about 300,000 SEIU members who voluntarily contribute about $7 per month to have their voice heard in the political process.
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Candidates "Walk a Day" in Your Shoes

Walks a Day in the shoes of SEIU Nursing Home Worker Nicole Thomas.
Walks a Day in the shoes SEIU Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Shanrika Dukes.
Walks a Day in the shoes of SEIU child care worker Tonia McMillian.
Walks a Day in the shoes of SEIU home care workers Nick Dufek and Kathryn Burton.
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