"Caregiving is in our souls"

Care workers and consumers march on National Mall to demand Congress urgently pass Build Back Better

Courageous behavioral health workers win greater safety on the job for frontline caregivers and patients

End strike after deal reached to address core safety demands, including the hiring of dedicated security staff

West Virginians call for Congress to invest in home care

Urge Senator Joe Manchin to support the home care portion of the Build Back Better Act

We must still fight for voting rights

I’m calling on Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA) and Freedom to Vote Act.

America Wants (and Needs) Home Care!

Home care workers are demanding Congress pass Build Back Better, with an essential investment in the care economy.

Arizona home care workers demand historic investment in care, jobs

Urge Congress to "bring the budget bill over the finish line"

4.5+ Million People Signed Petitions Telling Congress: Invest in Care!

We cannot Build Back Better without investing in care

Thousands of Philadelphia airport workers win raises, health benefits

New law also provides up to 56 hours of paid sick leave

Big Win for Window Washers with Essential Workers Sticking Together!

Minneapolis window cleaners across three companies voted in a new union contract following a powerful 10-day Unfair Labor Practice strike.

It's Time for Congress to Pass Biden's Care Plan

Now is our best chance for home care workers to earn living wages, receive basic protections, and get an opportunity to join a union.

State workers, care workers, airport workers, and others rally in Colorado to demand living wages, safe working conditions

"Millions of workers are called essential but treated as though we’re disposable."

In Walk-A-Days and town halls, home care workers urge Congress to invest in care

"Investing in care workers means investing in the people they care for, too,”

We went on strike — other workers joined in.

Hear how members of the Teamsters Union joined striking SEIU Local 73 members

Seeking Talented Communications Professionals!

We are committed to authentic, worker-centered narratives that build power with working people to win Unions for All and amplify workers’ clear demands.

Factsheet about the Delta Variant

Learn more about the the Delta Variant to protect you and your family

Only 63 Cents for Every Dollar [#BlackWomensEqualPay]

In addition to making far less than white men, many Black moms & caregivers have no paid leave, forcing them to forgo even more income to care for themselves and loved ones.

Women of color-led union makes history

Wins agreement to raise provider pay and increase child care access for California families

How To Protect Your Skin During COVID

Whether your an essential worker or not, take these steps to make sure you're staying safe in COVID.

Guidance for Healthcare and Home Care Providers to Protect Yourself at Work

CDC + OSHA's tips on how to protect yourself and care for patients in COVID.

Ohio Mom, Union Leader Shares Story of Stability

Hear Beverly talk about building her life from grief, drugs and abuse to stability for herself and her two daughters

Trusted Messengers

To get more long-term healthcare workers the vaccine, we’re focused on trust and respect.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, SEIU’s Mary Kay Henry, immigrant airport workers discuss pathway to citizenship at DCA

More than 300,000 DACA and TPS immigrants have been working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep communities healthy and safe.

In Memory of George Floyd

We continue our fight for racial and economic justice for all

McDonald’s workers in 16 cities strike for $15 minimum wage the day before company’s annual shareholder’s meeting

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez join strikers virtually to offer support

Immigrant Essential Worker Shares COVID + Vaccine Experience

Hear Ada talk about her struggle against COVID and how she stayed safe by vaccinating herself and her child.

SEIU members join over 77 May Day events

Call for a pathway to citizenship for immigrants and passage of the American Jobs Plan

First-Generation Daughter Shares Mom's Grit, Their Instant Fear

Hear Maria talk about the terror that gripped her immigrant neighborhood, though it didn't stop her family from thriving

Working families celebrate Biden’s $15 minimum wage executive order for federal contractors

Order also eliminates the tipped minimum wage for federal contractors by 2024

SEIU Local 99 member tells Congress child care, paid leave must be a part of nation’s recovery process

Highlights how she and her fellow Local 99 members were able to secure a $500/month stipend for LAUSD teachers and classified employees with young children


This Earth Day, I'm standing up and taking action for our communities, our nation and our planet. Join me in telling Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan now.

SEIU home care workers join Care Can’t Wait Summit with VP Harris, pressuring Congress to pass the American Jobs Plan

President’s plan would create up to a million good-paying union home care jobs

SEIU and Change to Win’s investment funds pushing for racial diversity in financial institutions

Currently working with the world’s largest financial institution—BlackRock—to bring about needed change within the company and the financial services industry

Home care workers celebrate Biden's commitment to caregiving in infrastructure speech

Held signs and banners declaring ‘Care Is Essential, Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us.’

Nursing home, home care workers send message to Washington, DC: Care is Essential!

Urge Congress and Pres. Biden to create good union home care jobs and to put care at the heart of our nation’s recovery

‘I was horrified,’ SEIU nursing home worker testifies before Senate Finance Committee

Hearing examined the long-standing injustices that led to nursing homes becoming pandemic epicenters

#ImmigrantWomenAreHome campaign marks progress on immigrant justice on Biden’s 50th day in office

Calls on Congress to provide a roadmap to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in America

Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us

Essential workers in 20 cities demand Congress pass $15/hr minimum wage, COVID relief

Winning Racial Justice Helps Everyone

Hear the talk with author Heather McGhee about how winning racial justice helps everyone.

#WalkoutWednesday: Raise the Wage to $15

Our fight to win a $15 minimum wage and union rights continues, with workers' resolve unwavering.

Fast-food workers in 15 cities strike, demand a federal $15 minimum wage

Also demand union rights, COVID safety measures on the job

“People need to hear from us to see that we are human.” – Essential Worker and TPS holder María Elena Hernández

Temporary Protected Status holders contribute greatly to our communities and must not live in fear of deportation.

SEIU caregivers’ prayer vigil unites long term care workers to inspire strength and perseverance

Calls on Congress and the Administration to make caregiving jobs good union jobs

Workers in the Fight for $15 and a Union help announce the 2021 Raise the Wage Act with members of Congress

$15/hr is seen as a critical step toward helping our country recover from the pandemic and making economy work for everyone

Working families across the country celebrate milestone Biden/Harris inauguration

Swearing-in ceremony followed by the signing of executive orders on COVID and immigration

Fight for $15 and a Union fast food workers strike to demand $15/hour on MLK’s birthday

Also speak out to address the rampant workplace health and safety issues during the pandemic

SEIU essential workers help get out the vote for Warnock, Ossoff in the Georgia run-off election

Millions of door knocks, text messages and phone calls by SEIU members and allies propel pro-worker candidates to victory

Airport workers demand to be part of stimulus bill as new survey shows the infection risk they face

Survey is a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective from people who understand how airplanes and terminals are cleaned and staffed

SEIU 1199NW Executive Vice President, RN Jane Hopkins named to Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board

Sierra Leonean immigrant has been active in her union, the FF15 and Black Lives Matter movements

We protect America and we need protection, too.

Airport workers shouldn’t fear what's next.

“We have to protect you. We have to pay you,” says Biden in roundtable with frontline healthcare workers

Event centered on the experiences of essential healthcare workers throughout the pandemic

#WalkOutWednesday: Vote for Black Lives

Be both a protest leader and an elected leader! It's the path to progress.

When we fight, we win! Detroit area nursing home workers return to work with new contract after two-day strike

Contract gains included improved staffing levels, better PPE and higher wages

Reward Workers Keeping America Going

We were essential before COVID-19 and will be after

Home care tele-town hall inspires essential care providers to get out the vote

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s historic caregiving workforce plan would invest in home and community-based care

SEIU healthcare workers share experiences with Jill Biden during virtual roundtable

“We are the ones who walk out our houses every single day into death”

#WalkoutWednesday: In the Fight to Restore Voting Rights

Disenfranchised workers who've faced barriers to voting discuss their commitments to making our democracy work.

#WalkOutWednesday: Even for Those Who Can’t Vote, There is Much Riding on This Election

Workers with temporary protected status are especially impacted by the upcoming election.

Standing Together to Build Something Better

United in our union, we won better wages and healthcare. By voting together, we can make change.

#WalkOutWednesday: Voting on the Mind

Essential workers speak their minds and lift up their get-out-the-vote efforts.

Voting this year is a matter of life or death

My vote is essential because my life is essential.

SEIU locals, activists spread the word online and off about the importance of voting during National Voter Registration Day

Stress the need to put people in office who will help bring America through the coronavirus disaster

SEIU Pres. Mary Kay Henry Makes Time's 100 Most Influential People

Being chosen for 2020 TIME100 is a tribute to the courage of working people in SEIU & the Fight for $15!

#WalkOutWednesday: Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us!

Can't back down on our demands, won't back down

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”

One SEIU member's journey from marching for civil rights as a teen to registering voters as an adult

We Know What’s at Stake Because We’ve Been Living It

"Our vote is essential; the voices of women of color have been held down for too long."

SEIU Healthcare Michigan members rally for respect, pay, voting on Labor Day

“We’re 60 days from the election that is the fight for our lives”

Childcare workers are essential; so is your vote!

It's time to demand what we deserve.

Every Election is Determined By the People Who Show Up.

When working people come together, we win!

SEIU Members Are Essential Healthcare Voters

Essential home care workers support Biden’s plan to build a better future for working families

Fighting to Be Heard

We can (and will) change the course of history.

The Next Step Is to Vote!

We who believe in freedom, cannot rest.

#WalkOutWednesday: 2020 Democratic National Convention

With special guest Rep. Maxine Waters, workers discuss #DNC2020 and our continued fight for racial and economic justice.

2020 Election: Our Worker Voices Are Front & Center

We can't afford to have it any other way.

#WalkoutWednesday: Plans to Build Power & Win Justice

SEIU member leaders discuss SEIU's 27th Convention & our plans to build power and win justice inside and outside our union

Watch: Essential Workers Demand a Say

Hearings are taking place nationwide with essential workers demanding a say in how we all stay safe

Joe Biden Chooses Kamala Harris to Serve as His Vice President

SEIU members: Biden-Harris administration would fight for racial, economic justice for America’s working families

#WalkoutWednesday: Reopening Or Not, Essential Workers Must Weigh In

As public spaces like schools consider reopening, essential workers need a seat at the table.

No one should have to miss their opportunity to vote

The U.S. Senate must take action on the HEROES Act now

I walked with Joe Biden

Now more than ever it’s critical we elect a President who listens to our voices, values all jobs and will make it easier for working people to join unions.

Joe Biden Walks a Day with SEIU Nursing Home Worker

SEIU member, Shanrika Nelson, shares what it’s like to be on the frontlines

SEIU nursing home worker tells Members of Congress about working during the COVID-19 crisis

Shared stories about the struggles she and her co-workers face every day

#WalkoutWednesday: #StrikeForBlackLives

A national day of strikes, walkouts, and worker actions to demand racial and economic justice, including in the workplace

A Letter to My Union Family

When working people show up at the polls, we all do better.

SEIU Endorses Joe Biden for President

In a vital election, VP Biden is the candidate to stand with working people.

Challenges for Essential Workers As States "Reopen"

COVID is resurging without safe plans and a clear path forward.

One Word: Vulnerable

Nursing home workers: still facing impossible choices during COVID

"So I Quit the Chicken Plant and Got a Job at Circle K."

Watch the 1st Essential Worker Hearing out of NC; workers shared stories, spoke to safety concerns, offered solutions

#WalkoutWednesday: Courage Calls to Courage

Focusing on the power of one, the ripple effects of individual activism, how one person's courage leads to another