When we fight, we win! Detroit area nursing home workers return to work with new contract after two-day strike

Contract gains included improved staffing levels, better PPE and higher wages

Reward Workers Keeping America Going

We were essential before COVID-19 and will be after

Home care tele-town hall inspires essential care providers to get out the vote

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s historic caregiving workforce plan would invest in home and community-based care

SEIU healthcare workers share experiences with Jill Biden during virtual roundtable

“We are the ones who walk out our houses every single day into death”

#WalkoutWednesday: In the Fight to Restore Voting Rights

Disenfranchised workers who've faced barriers to voting discuss their commitments to making our democracy work.

#WalkOutWednesday: Even for Those Who Can’t Vote, There is Much Riding on This Election

Workers with temporary protected status are especially impacted by the upcoming election.

Standing Together to Build Something Better

United in our union, we won better wages and healthcare. By voting together, we can make change.

#WalkOutWednesday: Voting on the Mind

Essential workers speak their minds and lift up their get-out-the-vote efforts.

Voting this year is a matter of life or death

My vote is essential because my life is essential.

SEIU locals, activists spread the word online and off about the importance of voting during National Voter Registration Day

Stress the need to put people in office who will help bring America through the coronavirus disaster

SEIU Pres. Mary Kay Henry Makes Time's 100 Most Influential People

Being chosen for 2020 TIME100 is a tribute to the courage of working people in SEIU & the Fight for $15!

#WalkOutWednesday: Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us!

Can't back down on our demands, won't back down

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”

One SEIU member's journey from marching for civil rights as a teen to registering voters as an adult

We Know What’s at Stake Because We’ve Been Living It

"Our vote is essential; the voices of women of color have been held down for too long."

SEIU Healthcare Michigan members rally for respect, pay, voting on Labor Day

“We’re 60 days from the election that is the fight for our lives”

Childcare workers are essential; so is your vote!

It's time to demand what we deserve.

Every Election is Determined By the People Who Show Up.

When working people come together, we win!

SEIU Members Are Essential Healthcare Voters

Essential home care workers support Biden’s plan to build a better future for working families

Fighting to Be Heard

We can (and will) change the course of history.

The Next Step Is to Vote!

We who believe in freedom, cannot rest.

#WalkOutWednesday: 2020 Democratic National Convention

With special guest Rep. Maxine Waters, workers discuss #DNC2020 and our continued fight for racial and economic justice.

2020 Election: Our Worker Voices Are Front & Center

We can't afford to have it any other way.

#WalkoutWednesday: Plans to Build Power & Win Justice

SEIU member leaders discuss SEIU's 27th Convention & our plans to build power and win justice inside and outside our union

Watch: Essential Workers Demand a Say

Hearings are taking place nationwide with essential workers demanding a say in how we all stay safe

Joe Biden Chooses Kamala Harris to Serve as His Vice President

SEIU members: Biden-Harris administration would fight for racial, economic justice for America’s working families

#WalkoutWednesday: Reopening Or Not, Essential Workers Must Weigh In

As public spaces like schools consider reopening, essential workers need a seat at the table.

No one should have to miss their opportunity to vote

The U.S. Senate must take action on the HEROES Act now

I walked with Joe Biden

Now more than ever it’s critical we elect a President who listens to our voices, values all jobs and will make it easier for working people to join unions.

Joe Biden Walks a Day with SEIU Nursing Home Worker

SEIU member, Shanrika Nelson, shares what it’s like to be on the frontlines

SEIU nursing home worker tells Members of Congress about working during the COVID-19 crisis

Shared stories about the struggles she and her co-workers face every day

#WalkoutWednesday: #StrikeForBlackLives

A national day of strikes, walkouts, and worker actions to demand racial and economic justice, including in the workplace

A Letter to My Union Family

When working people show up at the polls, we all do better.

SEIU Endorses Joe Biden for President

In a vital election, VP Biden is the candidate to stand with working people.

Challenges for Essential Workers As States "Reopen"

COVID is resurging without safe plans and a clear path forward.

One Word: Vulnerable

Nursing home workers: still facing impossible choices during COVID

"So I Quit the Chicken Plant and Got a Job at Circle K."

Watch the 1st Essential Worker Hearing out of NC; workers shared stories, spoke to safety concerns, offered solutions

#WalkoutWednesday: Courage Calls to Courage

Focusing on the power of one, the ripple effects of individual activism, how one person's courage leads to another

Join the #PoorPeople's Campaign: Digital Justice Gathering

Join Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and the massive movement for moral revival

Victory: Dreamers are #HereToStay!

The Supreme Court rescinds decision to terminate DACA.

#WalkoutWednesday: #JusticeForJanitors Supports the Movement for Black Lives

Honoring the 30th anniversary of Justice For Janitors

Equity and Justice for All Nursing Home Workers and Residents

We can’t afford to go back to the way things were

SEIU Nursing Home Workers Speak Out for Protections from COVID-19

Caregivers working at ground zero of the pandemic fight to protect workers and residents

Last year I told my story of LGBTQ discrimination on the job to the Supreme Court. Today the Court ruled in our favor!

Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act must provide workplace protections to LGBTQ people

#WalkoutWednesday: 2 Deadly Pandemics

Discussing how workers are rising up to fight both COVID-19 and systemic racism

SEIU Local 284 in Minnesota supports proposal for Minneapolis Public Schools to cut ties with Minneapolis Police Department

Local 284 represents more than 500 school support staff at city’s public school system

#WalkoutWednesday: The Movement for Black Lives

There will be no economic justice without racial justice.

California janitors, security officers, airport workers launch car caravans to demand protections for essential workers

Protest caravans seek to highlight the Black, brown and female essential workers who have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19

"I Was Happy to Have the Kids Home from School. But Now I Worry About Feeding Them."

Frontline janitor Marcos Aranda testified before Congress about he and his spouse now trying to care for their six kids, plus extended family, on his paycheck alone.

#Walkout Wednesday: Virtual Picket Line

Demanding paid leave and zero-tolerance for sexual harassment for all McDonald’s employees

Contracted airport workers caravan around Reagan, Miami airports to demand full COVID-19 protection

Calling on Congress and the Trump administration to include protections for property service workers in the next stimulus in response

No matter what, nurses can’t be — and won’t be — stopped

Nurses Week may be over, but our fight for justice will never cease

Union members, allies march by car around Colorado capitol to show support for essential workers

PPE for frontline workers, paid sick leave among group’s demands

30,000 SEIU and FF$15 workers join “tele-town halls” with Speaker Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and other elected leaders as they launch COVID-19 relief demands

Healthcare workers, public employees, security officers, delivery drivers and others concluded their testimonials with the same statement: “I am an essential worker.”

UPDATED: May 11 | Digital First Aid Kit For Nurses — Nurses Week 2020

A list of mental health resources for nurses on the job who are experiencing stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

Security Officer: Am I Protected Too?

As frontline responders, security officers are part of the chain of safety in neighborhoods across the country, but who is protecting them?

We're Caring for Older Americans and People with Disabilities.... My Employer Is Worried About Timesheets!

Instead of COVID-19 info, equipment, and sick leave, we received timesheet deadlines.

I’m a COVID-19 Nurse Fighting for Patient Safety in Seattle

Patient safety and healthcare worker safety are on the line. Together, I’m working with outstanding members of my union to advocate for patients and community.

Frontline Nurses Survey: Alarming Findings

92% say federal government isn't doing enough to protect healthcare staff

It's Earth Day. [sigh]

But remember this: We pull through by pulling together as we've done in the past.

SEIU teams up with immigrant rights advocates for campaign to protect all immigrants

New campaign seeks to ensure immigrant workers' health, safety and financial security amid the coronavirus pandemic

With Colleges Closed, Instability for Adjuncts Spikes Higher

The coronavirus pandemic is making adjunct professors’ hunger and healthcare struggles even worse.

Contracted Airport Workers Deserve Protections More Than Airline Executives

Thousands of airport workers are facing layoffs as airlines ask Congress for billions in bailout.

SEIU healthcare workers call for life-saving personal protective equipment

Continue their demands that the federal government drive a national response to get more supplies and equipment to frontline caregivers

SEIU members, Fight for $15 and a Union leaders launch Protect All Workers

Demand action by America’s CEOs amid coronavirus pandemic

Airline bailout must protect the workers whose health and livelihood is on the line

Contracted airport workers are on front lines of pandemic, already struggling with low pay and lack of sick days

In the Face of Coronavirus, #ProtectAllWorkers

Paid sick leave is essential in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

4,000 Minneapolis janitors show why everybody needs a union: raises, sick days, and greener, safer jobs

During a time when its more important than ever, these workers were able to win paid sick days in their new union contract

California Fast-Food Workers Turn Up the Heat on Union Demand

Emmanuel Flores, McDonald’s worker, found his voice in the Fight for $15 and a Union.

SEIU6 janitors and airport workers in Washington State are ready to partner with business and government leaders to fight coronavirus

"Many workers, especially those without a union, do not have access to healthcare and cannot afford to miss time off work"

10 Steps to Preventing Coronavirus (or COVID-19)

Here are 10 steps you can take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

State Workers Are Demanding a Voice in the Workplace and Getting It

“I feel lucky to be part of a union—but it shouldn’t be a matter of luck. Everyone, no matter what you look like or where you work, should be able to join a union.”

2020: Our make or break moment

SEIU is launching the largest voter engagement program in our union’s history

SEIU files ‘Friend of the Court’ brief to help protect reproductive healthcare in Missouri

Recently-passed law currently being reviewed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

United Airlines: Houston Airport Workers Are Worth More Than $2.13 An Hour

I’m fighting for fair wages and union rights for the next generation.

Coming Together in Unions = Having Security, Not Fear

Here’s what I’ve learned since I first put on my uniform: we can’t depend on a boss to protect us.

Fighting for Our Nevada Home Care Union

63-year-old Mary Franklin works seven days a week non-stop to support herself. Now she’s fighting for a union.

California child care providers one step closer to forming their union

In Sacramento and Washington, DC, providers demand a unified voice that would be a game changer when it comes to improving access to quality, affordable child care

Airport Workers are Worth More than $7.25 an Hour

I’m fighting for union rights and fair wages

Fighting for Safe Staffing Over Profits

“We have given management every opportunity to do the right thing, but they continue to prioritize profits over patient care.”

Colorado State Workers Finally on the Verge of Having One Strong Voice

“Your voice by itself may not carry through this dome. But together, our voices demand attention.” — Cassie Geremaia, state worker

Taking a Brave Stand Against Sexual Harassment

McDonald’s Worker Refuses to Be Silent

Rosa Carreño, Child Care Provider

Walked with Elizabeth Warren

The Year of the Worker

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Yolanda McGrone’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Roberto Martinez’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Ayde Jaime’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Georgette Bradford’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

Taking Care of People Is Second Nature To Me

When workers don’t have to worry about benefits like health care for their families, they’re able to put more energy into their work.

The Year of the Worker: Adarra Benjamin’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Brian Yarbrough’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Stacey Wadle’s Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Regina McMillian’s story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Stacey Bias’ Story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

The Year of the Worker: Tseganesh Endegeshet’s story

Meet the working people who are changing their workplaces and our country.

It’s not about the party. It’s about the policies.

At the end of the day, our next president must make it easier, not harder, for people to live good, quality lives.