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Climate, Jobs and Justice

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3rd annual Climate, Jobs and Justice Summit recordings now available!

Our third annual Climate, Jobs and Justice Summit took place on last Spring via Zoom. Check out the program, including remarks from EPA administrator Michael Regan, Rep. Cori Bush, SEIU President Mark Kay Henry and more. Recordings of entire summit below. Short summary video here.

Primary program and Healthcare Division breakout

Property Services breakout

Public Division breakout


Working people, including SEIU members, their families and communities are directly and too often disproportionately affected by the threats of air and water pollution, climate change and extreme weather events. They are also more likely to be confronted with environmental and health hazards at work—and less likely to receive adequate protection from them.

As SEIU members know well from their own communities, climate change is real and poses significant threats to people’s health and livelihood, and disproportionately affects working people, the poor and people of color.

SEIU members passed a resolution at their 2016 convention- demanding that something be done.  Since then, SEIU members have risen to the occasion, driving action at local, state, and federal levels - from legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at hospitals in Florida to building more resilience in communities in Massachusetts.  We partner with green groups in various states to win legislation that advances all of our interests. Through our networks, we took action to win historic investments to combat climate change in the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, and broadened our workplace training programs such as Green Janitor and the Caregiver Resiliency Project.  In addition,  our members in Florida continued their groundbreaking efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from hospitals. 

Updated Apr 15, 2024