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Welcome to the website for Montana Change That Works.

You might be wondering who we are.

Montanans, like all Americans, want action that revives our failing economy and builds it stronger and fairer for the future. We want it to be stronger and fairer for the small business owners and working families that create prosperity but are being drained by the shocking costs of our broken healthcare system and the excesses of small-minded CEOs.

We cannot afford to wait. We at Montana Change That Works are committed to a grassroots organizing effort with the goal of fixing the nation's health care system and getting the national economy back on track. We know what we have to do.

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Our Goals

  • Keep our nation focused on plans for the future, not on failed policies of the past.
  • Pass the Employee Free Choice Act to ensure that workers, not just CEOs, can benefit from the prosperity they help create.
  • Fix our healthcare system so it lowers costs and provides quality, affordable health care for all.

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