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The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) unites 2.1 million diverse members in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. SEIU members working in thehealthcare industry, public sector and in property services believe in the power of joining together on the job to win higher wages, benefits and create better communities, while fighting for a more just society and an economy that works for all of us, not just corporations and the wealthy.

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SEIU's Henry On Halbig Ruling: "Pointless Legal Assault" On Working Americans Contrasts with Reports New Law Is Improving Their Lives

"Today, every American should know the Affordable Care Act is working and will continue to benefit families throughout this country regardless of the D.C. Court's ruling."

Jul 21
SEIU's Henry: 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers Lead on Creating Good Jobs in NYC, Join Wave of Workers Rising

Jul 21
LGBT Executive Order: Victory for Equality on the Job

Jul 15
SEIU Launches First Series of Ads to Hold GOP Accountable on Immigration in 2014

Jul 3
Victory in LA in Fight for 15 Movement

Jun 30
SEIU on White House Steps to Address Immigration System

Jun 30
SEIU President Henry: 
Hobby Lobby Rulings Could Harm Not Only Women Workers, 
But All Working People

Jun 30
Home Care Workers Vow to Stand Up for Good Jobs and Quality Home Care in Wake of Harris v. Quinn Ruling

Jun 26
SCOTUS Noel Canning Decision: NLRB Should Act Quickly

Jun 25
Shelby County v. Holder: One Year Later, Congress Must Act

Jun 25
SEIU Members Share Perspectives During White House Summit on Working Families

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