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Mary and Ricardo are joining the People’s Climate march. Find out why.


No one should have to move to a different state for cleaner air.

By: SEIU President, Mary Kay Henry
Oct 14, 2015


Like many working people, Mary enjoys time with her family after a hard day's work, but because of the growing pollution in her neighborhood -- her son recently moved to Florida in hope that fresher air will help lessen his battles with asthma. No one should be separated from his or her family because of pollution.

Watch Mary share in her own words why we must #ActOnClimate:

Working families, many of whom live in or near major urban centers, disproportionately experience the toll of environmental injustices everyday – high pollution levels and increased exposure to environmental hazards at home and at work are a reality for too many. This is a social justice issue that we must face together and that’s why we joined the People’s Climate march.

People like Ricardo joined the march on behalf of the people he interacts with daily as a building handyman in Harlem; and for his family living in his home country of Jamaica where the sea levels continues to rise. He was a first eye witness to the devastation that Superstorm Sandy caused along the coast and knows the same immigrant families in Harlem and across the country are bearing the brunt of climate changes undeniable impact.

Working people, the poor, the young, the elderly, and people of color, are suffering disproportionately – they are bearing the brunt of climate impacts. 40% of Latinos and 68% of African Americans live within 30 miles of a power plant, both major sources of pollution. We know that healthy, vibrant communities and economies cannot survive without clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

The People's Climate Movement is growing because people like Mary and Ricardo want international climate action this December as world leaders convene for international treaty talks. It is growing because working people around the nation joined the call demanding that we find solutions that will protect our communities and clean our air and water for generations to come.

We must stand firm in our call to reduce the harmful pollution that causes climate change, to leave our children with a healthier, more vibrant future, and before it’s too late, to build a better future through a cleaner, stronger, and more just economy.

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