Breakfast with the pope?


Join the discussion on on Thursday morning, during the pope's speech!

By: Antoine Valdez, Adjunct Instructor

By: Antoine Valdez, Adjunct Instructor

This Thursday, I’ll be joining pilgrims from across the country in Washington, D.C. to gather as Pope Francis addresses a joint meeting of Congress. He’ll be sharing the values that working people hold dear: family, community, dignity, inclusion and “people over profit.”

You can join, wherever you are, without having to leave your morning breakfast. At 9:15 Eastern, 6:15 Pacific time, you can join the discussion online on Want to experience the moment with others? Or have others over for breakfast to watch as a big family? RSVP and we’ll email you a toolkit to aid in a discussion, either online, or with family and friends.

As an adjunct instructor fighting for better working conditions at Saint Louis University -- a Jesuit university -- I have learned that even Catholic institutions can stray from their core values. The visit from Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope, offers an opportunity to reignite the mission of social justice in people and institutions across the country and shine a light on issues that matter to working people: the need to raise wages, fix our broken immigration and criminal justice systems, and take on racial injustice and climate change.

As an immigrant and a lifelong Catholic, I believe it’s critical that we do all can to lift up this message.

As Pope Francis has said, “A just economy must create the conditions for everyone to be able to enjoy a childhood without want, to develop their talents when young, to work with full rights during their active years, and to enjoy a dignified retirement.”

Let’s spread that message.

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