Professors launch Faculty Forward Network


Higher Education Activists Rally Around a Growing Movement

By: Jonathan Huskey

By: Jonathan Huskey

For decades, students, faculty, parents and former students have paid an increasingly steep price for the corporatization of higher education. Record amount of debt and the rise of a contingent, underpaid instructional workforce means universities are investing less and less in their core mission – and faculty and students have been paying the price.

In a short amount of time, faculty across the country have shifted the debate in higher education, formed unions and entered a new age of activism on college campuses. This spring semester thousands of faculty join the Fight for 15 and set their own aspirational demand for 15K per course.

To help fuel the change needed, faculty are launching a new organization called the Faculty Forward Network (FFN) that is focused on direct action and policy changes in a nationally coordinated way. The Faculty Forward Network is a partner organization of SEIU that unites faculty with students, parents, allies who believe that higher education needs to once again serve all students, faculty, non-faculty higher education staff, and the surrounding communities.

Faculty Forward Network members and supporters have already hit the ground running through a vibrant fight back against the corporatization this back to school that is making waves on a number of campuses.

Faculty, allies and you too can now join the Network, supporting the work of thousands of SEIU faculty who, like Fordham adjunct Alan Trevithick, are already transforming higher education. He said, "This fall semester we are going to keep working together to continue what we started. I'm very excited to be one of the first Faculty Forward Network members here in NYC. I hope you will join me and be part of this next step of bringing really vocal, vigorous grassroots activism to our campuses."

Check out the new FFN website, follow on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

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