Domino victories along East Coast


What 130,000 people can accomplish together

In quick succession before the New Year, janitors along the East Coast - including the Philadelphia suburbs, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York City - won strong new contracts.
All told, more than 65,000 janitors and their families have won wage increases and job standard improvements by standing together to #RaiseAmerica in 2015. The majority of these members – 57% – won $15 an hour.

Over the last year, nearly 130,000 janitors, their communities and families have stood together to fight for $15 and #RaiseAmerica with good jobs. 

From early actions in support of our brothers and sisters in Chicago in March, through the last rallies on December 29th, working people moved the industry forward with higher standards and greater sustainability into the future. 

The results were a great success! By standing together, working mothers and fathers drove strong settlements in both cities and suburbs.  The early DC/MD/VA contract settlement started 32BJ strong with wage increases, added a legal services fund, and protected healthcare.  Members won full-time work in Washington, DC buildings over 350,000 s.f. by combining a strong ground campaign with legislative strategy.  Pittsburgh and Philadelphia followed as both traditional markets won strong wage settlements, protected healthcare, and increased legal and training benefits.  In the newly combined Connecticut/Hartford master, members protected family health insurance and used the sick leave law to win one-to-five new paid days.

The massive show of strength on the East Coast kicks off the next phase of contract negotiations along the West Coast. 

In 2016, more than 54,000 janitors – in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Texas and more - will use their contract campaign to fight for $15 and #RaiseAmerica with good jobs.

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