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Standing up for patients and working families


I am inspired by SEIU nurses' commitment to protect working families and improve healthcare for patients

By: By Dian Palmer, RN
Feb 18, 2016

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At a meeting of the Nurse Alliance Leadership Committee in Orlando, Fla., last month, SEIU nurses from across the nation geared up for this year’s presidential election. While current media coverage may have us believing the elections are solely about the personalities of the candidates, we know this election is about how every family and individual can see a better future ahead and stronger, healthier communities, too.

When nurses shared what made them proud to be SEIU members, I was inspired by their commitment to protecting working families, improving healthcare for patients, and serving the community beyond the walls of healthcare centers. Pat Sheran- Diaz, a registered nurse at University Hospital in Florida, said she was most proud of being part a union because “we take care of all.”

If Republicans have their way, we will just take care of the few. However, we’re not going to let that happen. We are on the front lines, protecting patients by fighting for quality care in the communities we serve. We see the benefits of the Affordable Care Act every day in our profession, and in Hillary Clinton, we have a presidential candidate who will strengthen and improve this law that is changing lives.

Pat Rego, a register nurse from Wisconsin, is proud that SEIU nurses stay strong no matter what. Coming from Wisconsin, she has seen the rights of working people attacked by Gov. Scott Walker. Nonetheless, they have weathered the Walker storm and have come out with an even greater determination. “People have come forward to be leaders and this has made us stronger,” Rego said.

I am proud of how SEIU nurses, doctors and healthcare workers are speaking out. We have a big year ahead of us, and being together gave me the hope and strength that is required to help build a better future for working families. Let’s do our part. Let’s join with our fellow nurses to talk to our friends and neighbors and community about how Hillary Clinton is standing up for better healthcare for all and higher wages that go hand in hand with better health.